Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines (& Zipline Spinners!)

We've made a list of Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines and Zipline Spinners.
Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines and Zipline Spinners! All photos by Edmonton Playgrounds

They’re arguably the most fun pieces of equipment at playgrounds in Edmonton – ZIPLINES, and their new-kid-on-the-block cousins, ZIPLINE SPINNERS, provide kids (and parents too!) with hours of fun. We’ve compiled our list of ALL the Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines and Zipline Spinners.

All ziplines are good ziplines, but we think the two cable-line ziplines, at the Fort Saskatchewan playgrounds listed below, are just a little better than the rest. They’re longer and bouncier than the rail track ziplines! Zip out (pun intended) to Fort Saskatchewan to try one of these great parks if you get the chance!

Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines, like this one at James Mowat School, are fun!

James Mowat School

  • James Mowat School – 9625-86 Street, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
  • The cable-line zipline at this Fort Saskatchewan school is one of the longest ziplines around!
Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines, like this one at Andy's playground, are very popular.

Andy’s Playground

  • Andy’s Playground – 54320 RR 231, Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta
  • Another cable-line zipline at this beautiful memorial playground that carries special themes throughout the park.
Bisset Park is one of the Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines.

Bisset School

  • Bisset School – 3020-37 Street, Edmonton
  • This playground is truly a hidden gem, with full rubber-base, excellent toddler and big-kid parks, and a Baby & Parent expression swing!
Florence Hallock School is a great example of Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines.

Florence Hallock School

  • Florence Hallock School – 16437-87 Street, Edmonton
  • A bright and gorgeous inclusive playground! Home to one of the very few in-ground merry-go-rounds in Edmonton, plus a great spray park!
Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines includes the double Zipline at Crestwood Park

Crestwood Community Playground

  • Crestwood Community Playground – 14325-96 Avenue, Edmonton
  • This playground features a rare double-zipline, with one platter attachment and one inclusive chair.
Stony Plain's Rotary Park is a popular playground with ziplines!

Stony Plain Rotary Park

  • Stony Plain Rotary Park – 4815-44 Avenue, Stony Plain, Alberta
  • Another double zipline for twice the fun! This playground also features one platter and one inclusive chair.
Lansdowne Playground is an Edmonton Playground with a zipline.

Lansdowne Playground

  • Lansdowne Playground – 4915-124 Street, Edmonton
  • A great newer playground with a zipline, small spray park and more! Bring the bikes for the lovely little trail through the trees!
Meadowlark park has a double zipline in Edmonton!

Meadowlark Park

  • Meadowlark Park – 15961-92 Avenue, Edmonton
  • This double zipline has two platters! This great playground also features a really cool rope climber, super slides and a classic merry-go-round!
David Thomas King School has an excellent playground with a zipline in Edmonton!

David Thomas King School

  • David Thomas King School – 22707-97 Avenue, Edmonton
  • This zipline park also makes headlines for being one of the few Edmonton Playgrounds with a full pump track!
Rundle Heights Playground is a newer playground with a zipline in Edmonton

Rundle Heights Playground

  • Rundle Heights Playground – 3310-107 Avenue
  • We love the zipline and also the bug theme at this cool Edmonton Playground! Will you climb the giant spider climber???
Sherwood Park's Hearthstone Playground is a zipline park.

Hearthstone Playground

  • Hearthstone Playground – Hearthstone Blvd off Highway 21, North of Sherwood Park
  • A smooth riding zipline, and three smooth riding super slides make up this great Sherwood Park playground with an awesome climbing tower!
Father Michael Mireau School is among the Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines.

Father Michael Mireau School

  • Father Michael Mireau School – 3010 Spence Wynd SW, Edmonton
  • This playground features the zipline, a terrific toddler park, and so many cool climbers that we stopped counting!
Our list of Edmonton Playgrounds with Ziplines includes Walker Playground at Corpus Christi School.

Walker Playground

  • Walker Playground – 460 Watt Blvd. SW, Edmonton
  • Walker Playground at Corpus Christi School features a zipline, a unique obstacle course, and is circles by a shale bycic
Highlands School is Edmonton's newest playground with a Zipline Spinner!

Highlands School

  • Highlands School – 6015-118 Avenue, Edmonton
  • The newest Edmonton Playground with a Zipline Spinner, Highlands School also features some of the coolest climbers we’ve found!
Shauna May Seneca School has a Zipline Spinner in its playground

Shauna May Seneca School

  • Shauna May Seneca School – 2130 Wonnacott Way SW, Edmonton
  • Spin for days on the bright orange zipline spinner at Shauna May Seneca School!
Svend Hansen school is home to Edmonton's original Zipline Spinner

Svend Hansen School

  • Svend Hansen School – 2130-16 Avenue, Edmonton
  • Edmonton’s original zipline spinner can be found at this great playgorund with climbable art and the highest set of monkeybars around!
Edmonton Playgrounds We Rock The Spectrum cover

Love ZIPLINES? We think you’ll love the Indoor Zipline at We Rock the Spectrum – Gym for All Kids!

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