Summer 2024 Must-Visit Edmonton Playgrounds

Cambrian is one of the must-visit Edmonton Playgrounds for Summer 2024.
The list you need for fun all season – The Summer 2024 Must-Visit Edmonton Playgrounds! Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds

Here it is – the list you need for summer fun – the Summer 2024 Must-Visit Edmonton Playgrounds – 12 of the best playgrounds in Edmonton that have opened over the past year. To learn more about each of these Edmonton Playgrounds, click on each photo or title! Scroll to the bottom for a map of all 12 locations!

This year’s Must-Visit Edmonton Playgrounds list was made possible thanks to the generous support of Park N Play Design!

Marquis Playground is home to the first Yalp Memo in Western Canada!

1. Marquis Playground

  • The addition of the Yalp Memo Interactive Playground takes the cake! We think Marquis Playground tops the list of Must-Visit playgrounds for Summer. (Before you go, learn how to Play Yalp Memo Games HERE!) This playground also has a musical merry-go-round, massive climber and super slides!
  • Location: Marquis, 17435 – 7 Street NE, Edmonton
  • When you visit: Be sure to also check out the covered bridges in the new Northeast River Valley Park!
Cambrian playground is a gorgeous and colourful park.

2. Cambrian Playground

  • The colours, the climbers, the fun! Cambrian Playground is an epic new addition to the new Cambrian neighbourhood of Sherwood Park. The massive colourful climber known as Earthscape’s “Wave” is the star of the show, but kids will love swinging, climbing and sliding at this sweet natural playground.
  • Location: Cambrian, Cambrian Blvd, Sherwood Park (use the second, or more northern, entrance to Cambrian)
  • When you visit: Be sure to zip cross-country to also visit Hearthstone Playground, Sherwood Park’s first Zipline park!
Thrive elementary school has a new inclusive playground in Edmonton.

3. Thrive Elementary School

  • From the top of the Quito Climber (it’s 15 feet high!), to the bottom of the Mighty Descent Slide, there is FUN packed into every facet of Thrive Elementary School Playground. We love the accessible surfaces and all the unique features at this one-of-a-kind Edmonton Playground!
  • Location: Thrive Elementary School, 10735 McQueen Road, Edmonton
  • When you visit: Be sure to observe the inclusive features that put Thrive playground on the cutting edge of innovative play spaces in Edmonton!
The Cherot Eiffel Tower playground is a ton of fun!

4. Cherot Playground

  • The Eiffel Tower stands at the centre of this new neighbourhood playground in St. Albert! At Cherot Playground, you’ll also find an adorable “love lock” bridge, quaint street lamps and a fun electronic memory game!
  • Location: Cherot Playground, Range Road 260 & Township Road 540a, St. Albert
  • When you visit: Zip over to Versailles Playground, Riverside Playground, or Rondeau Park. There is no shortage of new playgrounds nearby!
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We love the new playground at Forest Heights School.

5. Forest Heights School

  • The colours! The climbers! The FUN! We waited for and watched the playground rebuild at Forest Heights School – and (spoiler alert) this one was totally worth the wait! This playground offers an awesome obstacle course, tons of climbers, a digger, a dish spinner, a bell tower and oh so much more!
  • Location: Forest Heights School, 10304 – 81 Street, Edmonton
  • When you visit: Go one block East and check out Mary Finlay playground and spray park – one of Edmonton’s best hidden gems!
Alex Janvier School playground is a colourful and fun space.

6. Alex Janvier School

  • Alex Janvier School playground offers so many pieces of equipment that are similar to those at Forest Heights School. It’s set up in a completely different way, giving this playground a totally different vibe! The obstacle course that will appeal to the adventure-loving kiddos. Don’t miss the ultra-bouncy double “jet-ski” bouncer – my personal fav!
  • Location: Alex Janvier School, 9535 – 167 Street, Edmonton
  • When you visit: you can tack on a trip to the older-but-still-awesome West Meadowlark playground, with it’s travel-themed spray park!
The slides steal the show at Joan Carr School playground.

7. Joan Carr School

  • My photo only shows one, but there are actually TWO massive green slides at Joan Carr School playground! This playground is on the smaller size, but it packs SO much play value into the space. The two slide towers are joined in the middle by a large rope climber climber. Our favourite accessory piece at this playground is the big disc spinner!
  • Location: Joan Carr School, 1140 Keswick Dr SW, Edmonton
  • When you visit: Joan Carr School is just a short drive away from the remarkable colours of Dr. Margaret-Ann Armour School playground!
Rio Terrace School has a nice school playground in Edmonton.

8. Rio Terrace School

  • There is SO much more to Rio Terrace School Playground than one image can show! The playground has a MASSIVE slide, a fun obstacle course, and a Grand Strand Climber! Accessory pieces here include all the spinners – seat spinners, a merry-go-round and an umbrella spinner!
  • Location: Rio Terrace School, 7608 – 154 Street, Edmonton
  • When you visit: You’re across the field from Rio Terrace Playground, which has one of the loveliest, shadiest spray parks in the city!
Twin Brooks families will enjoy playing at the new Edmonton Playgrounds at George P Nicholson School.

9. George P Nicholson School

  • Much more than just a school park, the playground at George P Nicholson school is an outstanding addition to the community of Twin Brooks! The big-kid park is vast, with a great obstacle course setup. There is also a toddler park. natural playground zone, and a musical area with a rainbow xylophone! My girls loved the super long pair of hanging arm sliders!
  • Location: George P Nicholson School, 1120 – 113 Street, Edmonton
  • When you visit: head across the Henday and check out Blackburne Park – a great place to play or launch a nature adventure along Blackmud Creek!
We love the new Edmonton Playground at Ben Calf Robe St Clare School.

10. Ben Calf Robe School

  • Small but mighty! We love the layout, design and most of all the rubber base at Ben Calf Robe School! Shout out for another playground that is accessible through its entire play surface! This one offers slides, slides, slides – plus a tall rope merry-go-round and more!
  • Location: Ben Calf Robe School, 6227 – 119 Avenue, Edmonton
  • When you visit: you are just steps away from Highlands School – one of the playgrounds that made our All-Time Best Edmonton Playgrounds List!
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Park N Play Design is a leader in building custom playgrounds, inclusive playgrounds and natural playgrounds in Canada. They are the team behind several of the best playgrounds in Edmonton, including four from this list: Marquis Playground, Cambrian Playground, Cherot Playground, and Joan Carr School Playground. Park N Play Design also has a number of new playgrounds in the works for our city this summer, and Edmonton Playgrounds will be sharing them as soon as they are open, so stay tuned! Pictured here is the Aldergrove Credit Union Community Complex playground in Aldergrove BC. View their vast collection of playground products and designs and request a quote at

Edmonton Playgrounds shares 10 pieces of Unique and Rare Playground Equipment in Edmonton.

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