The Future is Interactive Playgrounds

The Future is Interactive Playgrounds

Edmonton playgrounds explores the idea that the future is interactive playgrounds.
The Future is Interactive Playgrounds, thanks to amazing play features like the Yalp Memo! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Playgrounds are evolving and, truth be told, they are getting cooler all the time! The latest and greatest additions to playgrounds are exciting interactive features!

The Yalp Memo at Marquis is one example of how the Future is Interactive Playgrounds.
The Yalp Memo is an exciting new addition to the Edmonton Playgrounds landscape! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Edmonton families were so excited about the 2023 arrival of the Yalp Memo at Marquis Playground, built by Park N Play Design. The Yalp Memo is a turf playfield inset with 7 LED posts. Players can use touch screens to select different games, which include audio instructions and sound effects. Games like “Tag” and “Runner” are a lot of fun and get kids (and parents!) moving. Games like Math and Spelling offer a variety of options and levels to challenge kids at different ages and stages. (HERE we teach you how to play the games!)

More than just play…

All the options make the Yalp Memo an attractive choice for community playgrounds, school playgrounds AND outdoor classrooms! What’s more, owners of these games have feedback at their fingertips, showing use rates and popularity of games. Programs can be updated and games can be added or removed at the touch of a button!

The Future is interactive playgrounds, including features like the LED Musical Merry-go-round!
The musical merry-go-round at Marquis Playground. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Marquis Playground in Edmonton also offers a musical merry-go-round. When the merry-go-round is pushed, music plays and the LED tower in the centre post lights up. Both incentivize kids to keep that wheel spinning!

LED play posts prompt kids to play games!
Lights and sounds entice kids to play physically and mentally challenging games! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Naysayers might think that playgrounds don’t need “video games”. It’s important to know that these are NOT video games in a traditional sense. Kids are not spending their outdoor time staring into captivating screens. Instead, the interactive elements are actually pushing kids toward traditional play – running, racing, and using their brains to solve math problems under pressure. The little bit of light and sound, almost ironically, serves as a gateway to the past, rather than an extension of the screens they might otherwise be sitting on at home.

Interactive explosion!

Park N Play Design partners with Lappset, the company behind the Yalp Memo, to bring interactive playgrounds to Canada. I’m excited by the fact that the Memo is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the exciting Interactive play options that will soon be available!

The Yalp Sona
The Yalp Sona is a piece of interactive Playground equipment from Lappsett and Park N Play Design.
The Yalp Sona offers racing, dance and fitness games. Photo from Park N Play Design.

The Yalp Sona offers a flat play surface under an arch. It’s designed for both indoor and outdoor play. Inside the arch are sensors. When someone walks under the arch, the game will ask if they want to play! The Sona offers racing games, similar to the Memo, as well as dance and fitness opportunities! (Think Dance Dance Revolution at the playground!)

The Yalp Sutu
The Yalp Sutu is a piece of interactive playground equipment from Lappsett and Park N Play Design.
The Yalp Sutu offers interactive target practice and more! Photo from Park N Play Design.

The Yalp Sutu is a play wall with interactive targets for ball sports like soccer and tennis. Games can be competitive (who can strike a certain spot first) or collaborative (work together to strike all the spaces!). Solo players can also use the wall for target practice!

The Yalp Toro
The Yalp Toro is a piece of interactive playground equipment from Lappsett and Park N Play Design.
The Yalp Toro is revolutionizing arena games in a smaller space! Photo from Park N Play Design.

The Yalp Toro is a square, fenced play arena with four interactive panel goals. Games like soccer and ball hockey can be adapted for the Toro. The fact that there are four goals, instead of the traditional two, makes games faster and more challenging!

The Yalp Fono
The Yalp Fono is a musical piece of interactive playground equipment from Lappsett and Park N Play Design
The Yalp Fono is outdoor DJ equipment available to all! Photo from Park N Play Design.

This is the one that I think will really blow kids’ minds when it comes to Canada! The Yalp Fono is an interactive DJ booth at the park! Songs can be played from phones, but Fono also has pre-installed music. THIS product explanation video on the Fono is beyond cool! (My kids can’t wait to try the Fono someday!)

The beauty of these pieces of interactive equipment is that they can continue to evolve after installation! New games and activities are constantly being designed and play fields can be updated at the touch of a button! A slide will always be a slide – but an interactive playfield can continue to advance for years to come!

Park N Play Design – Interactive Playgrounds.

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Park N Play Design proudly designs playgrounds in Alberta and beyond!

This post was written in partnership with Park N Play Design, serving Western Canada by creating innovative and inviting playgrounds. I thank the team at Park N Play Design for trusting me to help tell this story.

Some of our favourite Park N Play playgrounds include: Cambrian Playground in Sherwood Park, Glacier Ridge Playground in Calgary, Brighton Core Park in Saskatoon and Marquis Playground in Edmonton.

Pictured here is the Aldergrove Credit Union Community Complex playground in Aldergrove BC. View their vast collection of playground products and designs and request a quote at

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