How To Play Yalp Memo Games

How To Play Yalp Memo Games

Edmonton Playgrounds shares how to play Yalp Memo games at Marquis Playground.
Check out our quick and easy guide to How to Play Yalp Memo Games at the awesome Marquis Playground in Edmonton! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

So… you’ve seen this strange-looking black-and-white circle with seven blue posts sticking out of it at Edmonton’s New Marquis Playground… but what the heck do you do with it??? Edmonton Playgrounds can help with our quick and easy guide to “How to Play Yalp Memo Games”!

Each week for 5 weeks we’ll share a quick tutorial on another of the Yalp Memo’s most popular games!

The Yalp Memo is an interactive piece of playground equipment. So far, the only Memo in Edmonton is located at Marquis Playground. Games can be added to the device, so be sure to check it out each time you visit!

Edmonton Playgrounds shares how to play Tag on the Yalp Memo at Marquis Playground.

Game 1 – Tag

This game is one of the simplest, but I think it’s the most fun AND the most active! When the game begins, each player chooses a colour. If your colour is purple, you run to the post that shows Purple 1. Then you have to find the post that shows Purple 2, and repeat until you are ultimately the winner or you are defeated by a faster player! The winner will be the player that can outrun the opponents and can tag more posts in their colour!

Edmonton Playgrounds shares how to play Tag on the Yalp Memo at Marquis Playground.

Game 2 – Math – Addition

The Yalp Memo includes a variety of Math games, including addition. When the game begins, the centre post will show an addition problem. Players must scan the posts around the circle to look for the answer. Touch the post with the correct answer, and then touch the centre post. If the player is correct, a new problem will appear on the centre post. The game will continue until 6 problems are solved. The player will then level-up to the next challenge!

Edmonton Playgrounds shares how to play Spelling on the Yalp Memo at Marquis Playground.

Game 3 – Spelling

The Yalp Memo Spelling game is a great way for spellers of all ages to test their skills. Choose from a variety of levels. Up to 6 players can spell at a time, each taking one of the outer posts. When the game begins, the word to spell will be on the centre post. Players must run to individual posts and tap the letters in the correct order to spell the word. The fastest speller gets the most points. Repeat until the player with the most points is named the winner!

Edmonton Playgrounds shares how to play Runner on the Yalp Memo at Marquis Playground.

Game 4 – Runner

Runner is as FAST as it is FUN! This is a game for 2 players. Players will start at a common post on the outer circle. When the game begins, the red players touches the red on the first post, and the blue players touches the blue on the first post. players will continue to run the outer posts in a clockwise fashion, touching the side of the screen with their colour. Listen for commands from the central post – sometimes players will hear “SWITCH!”. When they do, the outside colour will become the inside colour, and players must switch tracks. The fastest player to complete 2 full laps successfully touching their colour at every post will be the winner!

Edmonton Playgrounds shares how to play more math games on the Yalp Memo at Marquis playground.

Game 5 – More Math – Fractions

Could there be a better way to review math skills than by playing a game out in the fresh air?!? We love all the Math Game options from the Yalp Memo. The games can be switched by the playground owner. At the time of our visit the Math offerings included Addition, Digital Time, Division, Decimals and Fractions. We chose Fractions. Levels vary, so we opted for simple fraction addition. A problem is shown on the centre post and players work together to solve it. Run to the outer post showing the correct answer, then run back to the centre post. Problems will continue to be shown until the group correctly solves 6 and is ready to level up!

Marquis Playground

  • WHERE: 17435 – 7 Street NE, Edmonton, Alberta
Marquis Playground is home to the first Yalp Memo in Western Canada!

Learn more about Marquis Playground including its super slides, tandem swings and musical merry-go-round HERE!

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