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Edmonton Playgrounds shares the list of all-time best playgrounds in Edmonton
Edmonton Playgrounds shares the list of All-Time BEST Playgrounds in Edmonton and area! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

I’ve often been asked for a Top 3 or Top 5 list of the All-Time Best Playgrounds in Edmonton. There are just TOO MANY AMAZING PLAYGROUNDS IN EDMONTON and area and I could never narrow the list down that far. So I present to you my Top 12 All-Time Best Playgrounds in Edmonton and area! (with 3 honourable mentions, lol!) These are Edmonton’s biggest playgrounds, best playgrounds, most unique playgrounds and the Edmonton Playgrounds that offer features for all ages.

Edmonton Playgrounds Clareview Inclusive Playground Title Page

1. Clareview Inclusive Playground

  • Not just the biggest and best inclusive playground in Edmonton, the Clareview “Jump Start” Inclusive Playground is also one of the biggest playgrounds in the city! It has rubber base throughout, double-wide ramps, toddler-friendly fun, challenges for big kids, sheltered picnic areas and access to bathrooms in the rec centre!
  • Location: Clareview Inclusive Playground, 3804-139 Avenue, Edmonton
Edmonton Playgrounds Broadmoor Lake Park Title Page

2. Broadmoor Lake Park Playground

  • Sherwood Park‘s best playground, Broadmoor Lake Park, is a destination playground where you can stay and play – all day and in all seasons! This playground has a great toddler park, a challenging big kid park with an amazing climber up to a super slide, a natural play area, a sand pit with diggers – oh, and one of the coolest spray parks around – WITH SLIDES!!! Enjoy covered and shaded picnic areas and bathrooms in several nearby buildings.
  • Location: Broadmoor Lake Park, 2015 Oak Street, Sherwood Park
The new Glengarry Park is an amazing new Edmonton Playground!

3. Glengarry Park Playground

  • One of the “new kid on the block” playgrounds to make our list, Glengarry Park has rocketed up the ranks for its beauty and variety! It has a gorgeous natural playground with a stunning standout slide, an adorable toddler park, a big kid obstacle park, and the cutest spray park around. There is a huge covered picnic shelter, plus picnic tables scattered throughout the massive greenspace. Bathrooms may be accessible at the nearby arena.
  • Location: Glengarry Park, 13325-89 Street, Edmonton
Dermott District Park is a beautiful playground int he Idylwylde neighbourhood.

4. Dermott District Park Playground

  • From its new slide tower (it was destroyed in early 2023 by fire and replaced in late 2023) to its challenging climbers, exciting giant rope glider and adorable toddler tent park, Dermott District Park is a true Edmonton original! Playground equipment is spread across a wide greenspace, and bathroom can be accessed in the nearby Bonnie Doon Leisure Centre.
  • Location: Dermott District Park, 8648-81 Street, Edmonton
Edmonton Playgrounds Jackie Parker Park Title Page

5. Jackie Parker Park Playground

  • My best friend’s daughter once described Jackie Parker Park as the Playground of her dreams and that has stuck with me since. It’s really 5 playgrounds in one – a toddler park, a spray park, a natural park, a big kid park and an agility park, and so much more! There are picnic tables with fire stoves, a bathroom building, and tons of parking – plus a sledding hill and skating ice most winters!
  • Location: Jackie Parker Park, 4540-50 Street, Edmonton
Edmonton Playgrounds Rocketship Park Title Page

6. Rocketship Park

  • A giant three-tier rocket with super slides? Yup! A mega climber to challenge kids of all ages? Oh year! An adorable toddler park with a lunar rover, astronaut photo op and moon rocks? You’d better believe it! Plus, bonus points for being fully accessible, with rubber base throughout, all while being set under big trees in a mature neighbourhood! ***NOTE that Rocketship Park is partially closed for resurfacing Summer 2024.***
  • Location: Rocketship Park, 122 Street & 112 Avenue, Edmonton
Edmonton Playgrounds Rotary Playscape Title Page

7. Spruce Grove Rotary Playscape

  • It may be a little older, but Spruce Grove Rotary Playscape is still kind of magical, in my opinion. It stands out for being one of the only fully-fenced playgrounds in our area. It also stands out for being draped in colour from top to tail! This playground is packed with everything from an adorable toddler area, with a music zone, mini treehouse and even a stage (complete with seats for the audience) – to excellent challenges for the big kids like tons of rope climbing features! There is a tiny splash pad just outside the entry gate, plus picnic tables in the nearby greenspace and bathrooms in the rec centre!
  • Location: Spruce Grove Rotary Playscape, 221 Jennifer Heil Way, Spruce Grove
Thrive elementary school has a new inclusive playground in Edmonton.

8. Thrive Elementary School Playground

  • The newest Edmonton Playground to make this list! The playground at Thrive Elementary School became an instant addition to my “all-time-favourites” due to its ultra-unique equipment and design! From the MASSIVE Mighty Descent slide, to the tall rope climber and the cool purple play cubes, this playground looks ultra cool and is ultra fun too. There are benches here, but no bathroom on site.
  • Location: Thrive Elementary School, 10735 McQueen Road NW, Edmonton
We love the beautiful howling coyote playground in Laurier Park.

9. Laurier Park Playground

  • The smallest playground on our list, to be sure, but don’t let that discount the play value at Laurier Park’s famous Howling Coyote playground! We love the stunning wooden coyote climber, the tall tower to the super slide and the bouncing leaves! We also love the tucked-away location in the trees, all the space for nature play and the cool hidden bike trail with wooden bridges! There is a bathroom building, plenty of picnic shelters, tons of green space and even a small second wooden playground to the south of the coyote!
  • Location: Laurier Park, 13221 Buena Vista Road, Edmonton
Edmonton Playgrounds Kinsmen Grizzly Bear Lodge Playground Title Page

10. Kinsmen Grizzly Bear Lodge Playground

  • From coyotes to bears! Kinsmen Grizzly Bear Lodge Playground is a beauty set in the heart of Edmonton’s River Valley! There is a wide variety of equipment from play structures that look like treehouses (right down to the knothole windows!) to giant rocks and logs to a bright red climb-on rocket! Different equipment is set in different spaces, so it kind of feels like you’re visiting several little playgrounds. There are picnic tables and shelters, bathroom buildings – and the massive Kinsmen Spray Park just steps away!
  • Location: Kinsmen Grizzly Bear Lodge Playground, 9100 Walterdale Road, Edmonton
We love all the rope features at the incredible playground at Highlands School.

11. Highlands School Playground

  • Inclusive design, MEGA rope climbers, and the ZIPLINE SPINNER are just a few of the reasons why we love the playground at Highlands School! This playground is based in rubber and also has a ramp onto an accessible glider feature. There is a small pit of sand with a digger and a swing set with 2 sets of tandem swings! There are a few benches on site, but no bathrooms and little shade.
  • Location: Highlands School, 6015 – 118 Avenue, Edmonton
Edmonton Playgrounds Borden Park Title Page

12. Borden Park Playground

  • A truly beautiful and extremely unique playground that I maintain is my favourite playground in Edmonton. There is no other playground like Borden Park. The big kid park is a treehouse, the toddler park is overrun by bears and bees and snakes – oh my! The playground is tucked away under mature trees in one of Edmonton’s most beautiful pieces of parkland – don’t forget to explore and check out the public art too! There are picnic tables and shelters, bathrooms, and Edmonton’s Borden Natural Swimming pool too!
  • Location: Borden Park, 7509-112 Avenue, Edmonton
Andy's Playground is a memorial playground in Fort Saskatchewan Alberta.

13. Honourable Mention – Andy’s Playground

  • Our favourite playground in Fort Saskatchewan. Andy’s Playground honours the memory of Andy Polanski and reminds kids about the importance of Love, Kindness, Courage, Laughter and Selflessness. It has a bright and fun toddler park, big kid park and Cable-Track Zipline – the best kind of Zipline and one of only two in the Capital region! There are picnic areas and porta potties on site.
  • Location: Andy’s Playground, 54320 Range Road 231, Fort Saskatchewan
Edmonton Playgrounds Meadowview Dinosaur Park Title Page

14. Honourable Mention – Meadowview Dinosaur Playground

  • This one is for the dino-fanatics! Leduc‘s Meadowview Dinosaur Playground was built to commemorate the discovery of a Hadrosaur fossil in this Leduc neighbourhood in 2013. This playground lost a little of it’s cache when the zipline was removed a few years ago, but there are so many cool and unique dinosaur features that it’s still a fabulous place to play! There are benches, but few trees for shade. There is usually a seasonal porta potty on site.
  • Location: Meadowview Dinosaur Playground, Morris Avenue & Meadowview Gate, Leduc
Edmonton Playgrounds Hazeldean Park Title Page

15. Honourable Mention – Hazeldean Park

  • True story – I had this playground in the top 12 of the list originally, but the girls overruled me and said that Highlands School needed to move up, and Hazeldean could be an honourable mention. They’re the true playground experts, so I made the switch – but here are the reason it’s still a favourite: The most beautiful, colourful trains (there’s 2!), the BEST scavenger hunt game of any Edmonton Playground out there (search for all the animal carvings!), and an adorable spray park – all set under a canopy of mature trees with benches, picnic tables and a big shelter.
  • Location: Hazeldean Park, 9630-66 Avenue, Edmonton
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