February 2023

The Olds Spray Park is without a doubt one of the cutest playgrounds we've ever seen!

Olds Spray Park

Olds Spray Park Without a doubt one of the cutest spray parks we’ve encountered! The Olds Spray Park is absolutely adorable and a ton of fun too! So much of our province is represented in the spray features. There’s a tiny grain elevator, an oil derrick, and a water tower. A series of spraying animals […]

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Edmonton Playgrounds Prairie Winds Park Calgary 1

Prairie Winds Park

Prairie Winds Park One of Calgary’s destination playgrounds, Prairie Winds Park is as fun as it is unique! The playscape features a double cable-track zipline. It may be the longest zipline we’ve found to date! We love cable-track ziplines as they are bouncy as well as fast. There are two slides built into the hill

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From princesses to heroes with A Charmed Affair!

A Charmed Affair

A Charmed Affair I distinctly remember the day I met Jenna. It was freezing. Not just cold, somewhere in the -20s, and we were at a winter festival in Edmonton. Jenna and her Ice Queen “sister” had just finished a meet and greet with young guests. They were heading indoors to warm up when we

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Edmonton Playgrounds Outdoor Classrooms Edmonton Catholic Schools New Cover

Outdoor Classrooms

Outdoor Classrooms It’s been said that ‘not all classrooms have four walls’ – a saying that is embraced wholeheartedly by Edmonton Catholic Schools. Edmonton Catholic Schools isn’t just bringing nature into its classrooms – it’s bringing its classrooms to nature. For the 2022/2023 school year, the division has unveiled 10 amazing outdoor classroom spaces –

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