Prairie Winds Park

Prairie Winds Park

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Prairie Winds Park is one of Calgary’s great destination playgrounds. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

One of Calgary’s destination playgrounds, Prairie Winds Park is as fun as it is unique! The playscape features a double cable-track zipline. It may be the longest zipline we’ve found to date! We love cable-track ziplines as they are bouncy as well as fast. There are two slides built into the hill – one is longer and quicker, while the other is wider and not quite as fast. The playground is packed with unusual equipment, including a running bowl, a concrete wave for climbing, and a Dutch Disc Spinning surface. (We’ve also found a Dutch Disc at Nutrien Playland in Kinsmen Park in Saskatoon.) Climbing poles proved a great challenge, as they don’t offer hand or foot holds. The girls loved the pendulum swing – similar to a saucer swing but with a flat base. One of the most unusual pieces of equipment that we found is the Rotating Swing – a t-bar with handles off either arm of the T. It rotates and users can hang from the handles and spin. The age recommendation on that piece of equipment is 10+, as the handles are quite high. (I had to lift the girls so they could reach the grips.)

We visited in early spring, during shoulder season, so we missed the chance to sled down the superb sledding hills! There are also two skating surfaces in winter. This playground is on our list for a summer return visit to we can enjoy its expansive spray park and wading pool. In this park you’ll also find tennis and basketball courts, sports fields and a bathroom building.

Prairie Winds Park:

  • WHERE: 223 Castleridge Blvd NE, Calgary, Albert
  • MORE INFO: on Prairie Winds Park HERE

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