Banff’s Best Playground

Banff’s Best Playground

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We think the playground at Banff Elementary School is Banff’s Best Playground. Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The playground at Banff Elementary School is so fun that we’ve visited the past two summers in a row! We think it’s an easy choice as Banff’s Best Playground!

Equipment is divided into two distinct areas, set on either side of the school. On the north side of the school, you’ll file the Bear’s Den, a heptagonal tube with climbing holds on the inside and out. There is a tandem slide built into the hill, with different variations of log-stairs on either side of the slides. The girls spent a lot of time playing on the wooden obstacle course, with climbing logs, a rope net and high monkey bars.

On the south side of the school you’ll find another extensive obstacle course. In addition to logs and rope nets, this one offers gymnastics bars, double arm sliders, and hanging rings. There’s also a spring-mounted giant leaf and two net “hammocks”.

The entire perimeter of both school yards is fenced for safety, but access gates are available on both sides. Find Banff Elementary School at 325 Squirrel Street, or use our map, below.

Banff Elementary School

  • Where: 325 Squirrel Street, Banff, Alberta
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  • When in Banff: Be sure to snap pics at the famous Banff Sign as we did, pictured below!
Edmonton Playgrounds Banff Sign
The Famous Banff Sign! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds
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