Pump Tracks of Yellowhead County

Pump Tracks of Yellowhead County

Find a series of awesome bike tracks in the Pump Tracks of Yellowhead County
The area west of Edmonton is home to a series of asphalt pump tracks! Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Heading west of Edmonton? Be sure to bring your bike! We’ve had a blast checking out some really cool playgrounds, and even cooler – the many paved pump tracks of Yellowhead County! These pump tracks are located in tiny communities – but the ones we’ve visited so far are definitely worth the trip!

Edmonton Playgrounds Wildwood's Best Playground 1


  • Where: 4720-54 Avenue, Wildwood, Alberta
  • Pump Track: The Wildwood Pump & Jump
  • More Info: HERE
We found the incredible Zipline swing in the tiny hamlet of Marlboro, Alberta!


  • Where: 21 Avenue & 12 Street, Marlboro, Alberta. This playground is also home to the famous Zipline Swing!
  • Pump Track: Marlboro Eagle Eye Pump Track
  • More Info: HERE
Edmonton Playgrounds checks out the incredible pump track and park at Robb's Best Playground.


  • Where: 52 Avenue & Centre Street, Robb, Alberta
  • Pump Track: Coal Train Pump Track
  • More Info: HERE

More Pump Tracks:

  • Evansburg
  • Niton Junction
  • Peers
  • Brule

If you like these pump tracks, you may also want to check out the Edmonton Playgrounds with Pump Tracks! If you have younger or newer riders, you may prefer looking for Edmonton Playgrounds with Bike Trails – smaller versions of the pump tracks that are great alternatives for beginners!

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