Irricana Lions Centennial Park

Irricana Lions Centennial Park

Edmonton Playgrounds shares the Irricana Lions Centennial Park in the town of Irricana.
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Irricana Lions Centennial Park is one of many iconic, small-town Alberta playgrounds! It pays homage to the Alberta Wheat Pool, with its grain elevator design. Irricana’s railway history is also represented by the Kids’ Express train.

This playground sits on the east edge of Irricana, along the town’s trail system. It features tons of slides, a variety of climbers and monkey bars. The playground is based in pea gravel. There are a couple of picnic tables and benches in the greenspace along the playground, and there was a porta potty on-site when we visited. (May)

The mega slide is a lot of fun! It’s a perfect mix of a fast start and a gentle stop. I tried it and didn’t hit my head, thought I found it to be quite tight climbing up to the top of the grain elevator tower! Kids seem to have no problem with that part.

Find this park on our list of Pit-Stop Playgrounds between Edmonton & Calgary!

Irricana Playground

  • Where: 500 1 Avenue, Irricana, Alberta
  • Learn more: HERE
Olds baseball playground, otherwise known as Olds rotary athletic park is awesome.

Another favourite small-town Alberta playground is Olds Rotary Athletic Park!

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