Penhold Multi-Use All-Wheel Park

Penhold Multi-Use All-Wheel Park

Edmonton playgrounds explores Penhold Multi-Use All-Wheel Park.
Bring bikes, skateboards and scooters to the Penhold Multi-Use All-Wheel Park in Penhold, Alberta! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Need an energy break on a long road trip? We love scoping out cool playgrounds when we travel – and that includes skate parks and pump tracks. As soon as I heard about the Penhold Multi-Use All-Wheel Park, I knew it was a place my family would LOVE.

A dedicated parking lot sits alongside the park. Seasonal bathroom buildings are available to the north of the green space. The skate park is wide, smooth and open, with just a couple of features set in the centre. The paved pump track is a beauty and offers great paths with options that will appeal to both seasoned riders and newbies. Both spaces are friendly to wheels of all ages – bikes, scooters and skateboard – though my scooter girls noted that scooters with larger wheels would be better for the pump track.

Find this park on our list of Pit-Stop Playgrounds between Edmonton & Calgary!

Penhold Skate, Bike & Scooter park

  • Where: Waskasoo Avenue & Lucina Street, Penhold, Alberta
  • Learn more: HERE
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