Calgary’s Silver Spruce Playground

Calgary’s Silver Spruce Playground

Calgary's Silver Spruce Playground has a mighty descent slide and a Branch Out!
Calgary’s Silver Spruce Playground features two of the coolest pieces of playground equipment – the Branch Out and the Mighty Descent Slide. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

It’s one of the coolest new pieces of playground equipment! This giant green tree – called the Branch Out – offers SOOOOO much play value in one single piece. I can’t wait until we get one in Edmonton!

We’ve visited a couple of Branch Out playgrounds in Calgary, including Silver Spruce Playground. The Branch Out climbing tree is surrounded by a variety of rope features. You’ll find including rope ladders, long ropes to use as handles and a think rope on which you can balance.

At Silver Spruce, players can move from the Branch Out to a small toddler structure featuring a cute little orange slide. Kids can also access the ultra-wide Mighty Descent slide. Accessory features at this playground include two little horse spring riders. There is also a full swing set with baby swings, standard swings and a friendship swing.

The playground is based in wood chips and there are no trees yet for shade. As of Spring 2024, Silverado is a community still under construction including parts of the neighbourhood immediately around this playground.

Silver Spruce Playground

  • Where: 175 Silverado Skies Link SW, Calgary, Alberta
  • Learn more: HERE
Calgary's Cornerstone Meadows Heath Park features the amazing "Branch Out"!
The Branch Out can also be found at Calgary’s Cornerstone Meadows Heath Park
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