Olds Baseball Playground

Olds Baseball Playground

Olds baseball playground, otherwise known as Olds rotary athletic park is awesome.
We absolutely LOVE Olds Baseball Playground, also known as Olds Rotary Athletic Park. Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds.

It’s pretty safe to say they hit a home run with this playground!

Olds Baseball Playground, which is really called Olds Rotary Athletic Park, is a superb example of how a small playground can have a big impact. It’s an inclusive playground that offers equipment for players of all ages and abilities.

The baseball and glove slide is a prime example. Little kids will love the slide. Bigger kids will climb on top of the slide – but the details in the stitching, on both the ball and glove, also cleverly double as climbing holds and foot rests.

The monkey bars are high and were a great challenge for my kiddos. Every post has risers to help kiddos that otherwise might not be able to reach the bars.

There’s a great section full of musical instruments. Bring the band because there is enough equipment for a few! There are also panel games at various heights, swings (1 inclusive swing, 1 standard swing and 1 saucer swing that’s known as the “Hoopla” swing. The girls really loved the unique “Teeter Tunnel” teeter-totter, which is designed to hold more than just two kids at a time! (Check out what the Teeter Tunnel looks like packed with kids from our visit to Julia’s Junction playground!)

The playgrounds are based in rubber and turf. If you see fencing in my photos, it’s because of new sod in the spaces around the playground, but the playground was fully open when we visited in August 2023. A bathroom building is located right next to the playground, too, making it a perfect road trip pit stop!

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Olds Baseball Playground (a.k.a. Rotary Athletic Park of Olds)

  • Where: 70 Avenue, north of Highway 27, Olds, Alberta
  • What: Home to baseball diamonds, batting cages, horseshoe pits and soccer pitches. There are also paved pathways and a bathroom building.
  • More info: HERE
The Olds Spray Park is without a doubt one of the cutest playgrounds we've ever seen!
Olds is also home to an outstanding spray park! Check it out HERE.
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