Millennium Place Edu-tainment Centre

Millennium Place Edu-tainment Centre

Edmonton Playgrounds Millennium Place Edu-tainment Centre cover
Edmonton Playgrounds Millennium Place Edu-tainment Centre cover

I distinctly remember the first time I took the girls to the Millennium Place Edu-tainment Centre. They were about 14 months old – mobile enough to climb stairs and walk around rather quickly, but completely oblivious to things like gaps in equipment fences. For me, it was a full-on cardio workout, sprinting to make sure my twin toddlers made it safely to the slide they were targetting! (and, as any twin parent will tell you, they NEVER targetted the same slide!)

Very quickly, this awesome indoor play space became one of our favourites. It’s easy to see why. First of all, it’s huge! The main play area is large enough to hold a playground structure, a huge climbing wall, a tall treehouse tower, and a variety of freestanding equipment. Toward the back are two bonus spaces. One is set up as a log cabin, complete with picnic table, fireplace, stove, sink and even a vegetable garden! The other room has more of a camping theme. There you’ll find a tent, forest animals (including an animal sound machine!) and the coolest magnet wall with rocks and logs. Around the room are bonus pieces of equipment like baby activity centres, giant blue blocks and more.

It’s easy to make a day of a visit to Millennium! The drop-in rate includes access to the swimming pool, leisure ice, indoor playground, and gymnasium. The Edu-tainment Centre is aimed at kids up to about 7 years old. Drop-in playground hours are 9am to 9pm daily. Kids under 2 can access this space for FREE (just visit the main desk to get a wristband first). The daily drop-in rate for kids 2 to 12 is $5.50. (Scroll down to catch images of Millennium Place’s cool wave pool and Leisure Ice skating surface!)

Millennium Place Edu-tainment Centre

  • WHERE: Millennium Place, 2000 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, AB
  • WHEN: 9am-8pm daily
  • WHO: Designed for children 0-7 years old
  • HOW: Pay admission at the Millennium Place main desk to get a wristband
  • COST: Day pass for kids 2-12 is $6.50. Kids under 2 are free! Parents don’t need to pay if accessing only indoor playground. If accessing other parts of the facility, like the pool or leisure ice, the adult day admission rate is $11.50.
  • MORE INFO: on the Strathcona County Website HERE
Edmonton Playgrounds Millennium Place Pool
Enjoy the Millennium Place wave pool with its play features and lazy river! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds (Jan 2020)
Edmonton Playgrounds Millennium Place Leisure Ice
The Leisure Ice surface is a lovely spot for skating, in a setting that looks like Strathcona County in days of yore. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds. (Dec 2018)

PAIR IT WITH AN OUTDOOR PLAYGROUND! Follow the trail system straight east of Millennium Place to access Centennial Park, or drive a little further east to enjoy the fabulous Emerald Hills Playground.

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