Calgary’s Glacier Ridge Playground

Calgary’s Glacier Ridge Playground

Calgary's Glacier Ridge Playground features an adorable red fox!
Calgary’s Glacier Ridge Playground is a gorgeous and fun place to play!

It’s absolutely stunning! A proud red fox sits at the centre of the playground in Calgary’s new Glacier Ridge neighbourhood in the city’s NorthWest. The giant tail is covered in climbing holds, with a rope ladder as another climbing option. You can climb inside the fox and peer out its neck or eyes. The tail is more than just a climber – it’s also a tunnel, a hideout, and even a market! The girls loved the double bar sliders extending out the side of the fox.

This playground also features a slide built into the hill, a series of balance beams, climbing poles and spring-mounted hexagon-shaped bouncers. A beautiful gazebo sits alongside the park, and there are lovely benches nearby as well. At the time of writing the neighbourhood is still under construction, which can make for messy roads surrounding the park.

On a personal note, I thought this playground was extra special because of the fox. The girls and I read the book “Pax” recently and we’ve gained so much admiration for red foxes! They are very special creatures and we think this playground captures the image of the fox perfectly!

Glacier Ridge Playground

  • Where: 228 Edith Gate NW, Calgary, Alberta
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