The Makery

The Makery

Kids in Sherwood Park will love the creative fun at The Makery.
Kids are going to love creating and playing at The Makery, a brand-new facility in Sherwood Park! Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds

What do your kids like best? Tinkering with new toys? The freedom of physical or imaginative play? Being given carte blanche to create in an artistic environment? The thrill of new and unique sensory experiences? A new facility is bringing all of those incredible opportunities together under one roof – it’s called The Makery and your kids are absolutely going to LOVE it!

The Makery is the brainchild of Vanessa Leblanc, an early learning educator, who runs the “Mindful Moments” preschool, childcare and out-of-school care programs in Sherwood Park. She dreamed of a facility where she could bring all the coolest STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) play options together in one space. It’s a place where kids will collaborate, explore and learn – all while having a ton of fun.

The Makery consists of four distinct spaces – the STEM Lab, the Move Lab, the Light Lab and the Mess Lab. It’s truly an amazing space. The girls and I were so fortunate to get a private tour and sneak peek. We planned to stay for an hour – we were there for more than two! Every time we turned a corner we discovered something new, fantastic and wonderful!

The tinker lab at the Makery in Sherwood Park.
The STEM Lab at The Makery. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The STEM Lab

The STEM Lab will be a favourite of the builders and budding engineers. It’s packed with toys like LEGO, PlusPlus, Rigamajig, and magnet tiles, to name just a few! There is a magnet wall with tubes, tunnels and gears. The STEM Lab also features two bonus spaces. The Maker Space is full of cardboard, foam, yarn, bubble wrap and other materials perfect for creating. The electronics area features 3D printers, music equipment and robotics!

The Move Lab at the Makery.
The Move Lab at The Makery. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

The Move Lab

We spent a lot of time in the Move Lab. It’s a large open space with a slightly raised stage in one corner. A big rack full of costumes caught the girls’ eyes right away. Plasma cars, hula hoops, and animal hoppers also got lots of attention from my two. They loved the obstacle course set up in the centre of the room too, and quickly added to the fun other features, like giant blue blocks, balls and even bowling pins.

The Mess Lab at The Makery.
The Mess Lab at The Makery. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

The Mess Lab

The Mess Lab is my favourite part of the Makery. Down the centre is a long table with chairs on each side. A variety of art invitations sat ready for eager creators. Sensory tables fill one end of the room and include bins of coloured rice, sand and water. Slime fans will flock to this area. There is a tall shelf with dozens of colourful mix-ins for slimes – penguins, frogs, flowers, fruit slices – if you can dream it, it can be part of your slime!

Kids will love cool sensory experiences like the Light Lab at The Makery.
The Light Lab at The Makery. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

The Light Lab

The Light Lab completes the Makery. These are two smaller rooms that command big attention! The first space features light tables, a projector and even a wall on which you can “write” with light. The second room is lit with a black light and has the coolest selection of glowing accessories – dinosaurs, building bricks, even slinkies! The girls kept going back to the Light Lab time and again!

Open Play, Parties, Classes and more

Open play sessions offer two-hours of fun and are parented. The Makery also offers registered kids classes (parented and unparented), Birthday Parties, and special events! Visit for more on the current offerings.

The Makery

  • WHERE: 107, 52 Sioux Road, Sherwood Park, Alberta
  • WHEN: Open March 20, 2023
  • HOW: Book your session or program online, then enjoy an incredible and unique play experience!
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