Lethbridge Legacy Park

Lethbridge Legacy Park

Lethbridge Legacy Park playground is the best playground in Lethbridge
Legacy Park Playground in Lethbridge is bright, unique and a ton of fun! Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Looking for the best playground in Lethbridge? Look no further than Lethbridge Legacy Park playground! This playground is unreal! It looks unbelievably cool and has amazing features, some of which we haven’t found at other playgrounds in Alberta!

The playground is based in rubber, with a few areas of woodchips, and one patch of turf. The giant slide tower is outstanding! There are climbing holds on a clear pane on the inside of the tower, so kids can be seen climbing to the top from the inside!

Surrounding the slide tower is a semi-circle berm. There are climbing holds and other climbers and slides along the berm, so kids can access or exit at different spots along the way. The berm serves as a ramp around the play surface.

Three in-ground trampolines sit just off the base of the slide. Kids can jump individually on each, or can bounce from trampoline to trampoline! There is also a tall pole that sits on a rocker and allows kids to transfer from one platform to another. A fixed-track zipline completes the list of standout features.

Legacy Park is a relatively new development and though many trees have been planted, they aren’t large. Shades have been installed at the playground and spray park. Beneath the playground shade zone is a patch of turf with a variety of unique seats.

Legacy Park is also home to a large spray park, a second smaller playground, a fitness obstacle park, basketball courts, tennis courts, a skate park and plenty of green space! There is a bathroom building in the park.

Legacy Park Playground in Lethbridge

  • Where: 400 Blackwolf Blvd N, Lethbridge, Alberta
  • Parking: There is a free parking lot at the site of this playground.
  • More info: on Legacy Park HERE
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