HomeSpritz Cleaning

HomeSpritz Cleaning

I love having a clean house, but I don’t always love the time it takes to achieve a clean house. At the same time, I can be picky, and I like my home cleaned a certain way. Independent cleaners can be difficult to find and schedule, and some home cleaning companies send a different person every time. It’s a bit of a pickle. At least it was, until HomeSpritz Cleaning came along!

Edmonton Playgrounds HomeSpritz Cleaning 1
Jody from HomeSpritz Cleaning left our house clean and fresh from top to bottom! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds
Home HomeSpritz Difference

HomeSpritz is a Calgary-based cleaning company that started in the Calgary area. It’s growing rapidly and now offers home cleaning in Edmonton and area and home cleaning in Vancouver and area! HomeSpritz is different from a typical cleaning company – in significant ways. The first, and most important, way is that HomeSpritz pays their employees a living wage. The company is certified by the Alberta Living Wage Network and Living Wage for Families BC. HomeSpritz hires top-notch cleaners, provides them with training, and offers customers a satisfaction guarantee. Retaining employees means that HomeSpritz can offer to their customers the option to have the same cleaner every time. Customers can even message their cleaners directly!

Edmonton Playgrounds HomeSpritz Cleaning 2
Is it just me, or do you also love seeing fresh vacuum lines? Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds
My experience

Jody arrived at my house with all her gear in tow and a huge smile on her face. I gave her a quick tour of our home and we chatted about what she would be able to complete within the time allotted for my home cleaning. Then, she got down to business! To say that she WOW-ed me is an understatement! Our acreage is an older home and we have well-water, and I’m certain I’ve never seen our bathrooms sparkle like they did after Jody’s visit!

Edmonton Playgrounds HomeSpritz Cleaning 3
My kitchen was polished to a shine – Even the sink was scrubbed to perfection! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

My 4-hour Edmonton home cleaning included the complete cleaning of my bathrooms. The carpets were vacuumed, floors washed, and everything was dusted. Kitchen and laundry counters were cleaned and my sinks were scrubbed to a polish! Jody even left a special touch for us to find later – our bathroom tissue was folded into a flower, with a little sticker to hold it in place! It was the cutest little finishing touch that had me smiling as soon as I found it!

Edmonton Playgrounds HomeSpritz Cleaning 4
The toilet paper flower that made my day! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds
The gift of time

My whole house smelled fresh and looked amazing! The best part for me was the fact that my entire chore list was cleared for me and I had the rest of the week ahead to spend with my kids!

Whether you’re a working parent, a stay-at-home parent, a work-from-home parent or something in between, you know how fast time goes by every week. For me, a HomeSpritz Cleaning was the gift of time! A little more time with my family, and a little less time stressing about my house. Knowing that Jody is treated fairly by her employer and is part of a team that values her outstanding work made it that much easier for me to appreciate her effort!

Edmonton Playgrounds HomeSpritz Cleaning 5
Everything was shiny when Jody was finished! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds
Win a HomeSpritz Edmonton Home Cleaning!

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Editor’s note: I wrote this article in partnership with HomeSpritz Cleaning, in exchange for one cleaning at my home, and one cleaning offered as a giveaway to one lucky follower. My thanks to HomeSpritz for trusting me to help share their story.

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