3 California Cool Playgrounds

3 California Cool Playgrounds

We always make a point to visit playgrounds when we travel, and our trip to Southern California was no exception. We fell in love with these three California Cool Playgrounds! Here’s why you might want to add them to your next trip itinerary!

Kids’ World Playground

Alameda Park, 1400 Santa Barbara Street, Santa Barbara, California

Built in 1993, Kids’ World Playground, in Alameda Park, in Santa Barbara, is truly EPIC. It’s a sprawling wooden castle where the entire main structure is connected. Nearly everything there is wood – from the structure itself, to the art that adorns the park, plus the massive finger maze and marble track! Photo ops with the giant shark and whale are a must. The playground sits in the corner of a larger green space, is entirely fenced with two gates at opposite ends, and is a short distance from a bathroom building. This one was a bucket lister, and it didn’t disappoint!

USA Rocket Playground

Garden Grove Park, 9301 Westminster Blvd, Garden Grove, California

We actually found this playground sort-of by accident! We were searching for a spot called the Atlantis Play Centre – a gated and fenced playground and water play area. Atlantis is open limited hours and we were too late to visit, but the Garden Grove Park was wide open and ready for play! We LOVE the tall rocket ship, and all the cute rocket features (like the shuttle dashboard!). A smaller park structure is shaped like a plane, complete with a ticket stand selling trips to Candyland, Neverland and The Moon! This playground offers both in-ground and above-ground merry-go-rounds, but unfortunately the in-ground version was fenced off for repairs during our visit.

Pirate Playground

Oxnard Beach Park, 1601 Harbor Blvd, Oxnard, California

This one holds a special place in my heart. I actually visited this park before I became a mom, and after the girls were born, but without them. I dreamed of the day that I could take them to this special spot – and they were lucky enough to visit when they were 4, and again when they were 8! This is a pirate park that is so perfect for imaginative pirate adventures! The main ship is massive, with great detail right down to the cannons sticking out the side! There’s a huge sea monster that stretches across one end of the park, as well as a sea turtle and a dolphin spring-rider. Signs in this playground warn that it’s for “Pirates only! No Trespassing! All others will walk the plank!”. Consider yourselves warned!

On our vacation, we also visited Legoland, and found that the theme park is home to some cool playgrounds of its own. We stayed at the Legoland Castle Hotel, which has a playground in its courtyard!

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