Brintnell Park

Adorable, brightly-coloured toddler park? Check! Nature park for climbing and agility? Check! Modern, industrial-style playground to challenge the bigger kids? Check! Spray Park? Check! Brintnell Park checks all the boxes – it’s four playgrounds in one! The variety is great and the playground is set in a green space well back from the road.

There are several benches and a picnic shelter. The splash park and sand area are separated from the main playground, which is based in rubber. There are 2 baby swings, 2 saucer swings, spinners and a supernova circle too!


210 Brintnell Blvd
Edmonton, Alberta


Baby Swings: Yes 2
Standard Swing: no
Baby/Parent Swing: no
2 person Swing: no
Saucer Swing: Yes 2
Accessible Swing: no
Digger: no
Music Features: no
Zipline: no
Zipline Spinner: no
Accessible Features: Yes

Ground Cover

Rubber: Yes
Sand: Yes
Turf: no
Wood Chips: no


School: no
Washrooms: no
Splash Park: Yes

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