5 of the Best Playgrounds in Drumheller

5 of the Best Playgrounds in Drumheller

Edmonton playgrounds has discovered the best playgrounds in Drumheller, Alberta!
Planning a family trip to Drumheller? Add these great playgrounds to your must-visit list! Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds.

There are so many great reasons to take a family trip to Drumheller – the Royal Tyrell Museum, the incredible Alberta Badlands, and the outstanding playgrounds. It’s true! Drumheller has great playgrounds. Edmonton Playgrounds shares 5 of the Best Playgrounds in Drumheller!

Paleo Playground

  • Located at the Royal Tyrell Museum, located 6km NW of Drumheller, Highway 838, Midland Provincial Park
  • This was was designed with hot badlands summers in mind! The majority of the Paleo Playground, located on the grounds of the Royal Tyrell Museum, sits under a canopy of sunshade! The main structure features climbers and slides set on a base of rubber. Just beyond the play structure is a sand pit with a dino fossil ready for digging! Benches surround the entire space, as do stunning views of the valley!

Greentree School

  • 1050 12 Avenue SE, Drumheller, Alberta
  • This was the girls’ favourite playground in Drumheller. They absolutely loved the multi-level rope climber, the roller slide and the little hammock swing! Those newer pieces of equipment live alongside the older-but-still awesome playground. It features four great slides and has a neat obstacle course setup. (If you love roller slides, you can find the list of Edmonton playgrounds with roller slides HERE.)

St. Anthony’s School

  • 1000 N Dinosaur Trail, Drumheller, Alberta
  • I don’t know that I’ll ever find a schoolyard playground with a view to match the one at St. Anthony’s School! The backdrop of hoodoos is truly awesome! This playground features an incredible rope climber. There’s a huge main structure with a variety of slides and climbers. Lots of accessory pieces, like a freestanding monkeybar structure, a set of four spinners, and a fire truck for the little kids, complete this playground. There is also a selection of workout equipment for adults!

Nacmine Playground

  • 4th Street & Hunter Drive, Nacmine (Drumheller, Alberta)
  • I couldn’t get over the cool factor of the retro elephant climber! The girls loved it too, and spent most of our time here on the climber. The older part of this playground features the elephant, a series of tractor tires, classic teeter-totters, swings and a glider horse. The newer part of this playground, set across the field, includes a structure with climbers, slides and a cute dinosaur!

Rotary Spray Park & Skate Park

  • 60 1 Avenue W, Drumheller, Alberta
  • We visited outside of spray park season, and didn’t bring scooters or skateboards with us, so we didn’t spent a lot of time at the Drumheller Rotary Spray Park and Skate park, but we definitely admired both from afar. These tourist hot-spots are no doubt popular in summer and sit in the main hub of the town, in the shadow of the world’s largest dinosaur.
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