Best Playgrounds in the Columbia Valley

Best Playgrounds in the Columbia Valley, BC

Edmonton Playgrounds explores the Best Playgrounds in the Columbia Valley! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Tons of Albertans visit the Columbia Valley area each year. Whether you’re looking for playgrounds in Radium BC, playgrounds in Invermere BC, playgrounds in Fairmont Hot Springs BC, or playgrounds in Canal Flats BC, we’ve got you covered! Use our list to find the best playgrounds in the Columbia Valley, BC.

Radium Hot Springs, BC

  • Radium Playground & Splash Park
  • 4851 St. Joseph St., Radium Hot Springs, BC
  • The biggest and best playground in Radium! This playground features an excellent big-kid structure (with super-steep slides and the tallest umbrella spinner we’ve ever encountered!), a great toddler park (with airplane and race car spring-riders), swings (2 tire swings, 1 standard and 1 baby swing) and more! Here you’ll also find a spray park, a fitness park, a hockey rink/court, a bathroom building, a historic horse glider and the coolest mural of bighorn sheep!
  • Radium Kirk Street Playground
  • Kirk Street & Rivercrest Road, Radium Hot Springs, BC
  • Don’t snooze on Kirk Street Playground simply because it’s a pocket park! This playground is fully rubber based, with a wide variety of climbers, monkey bar variations and slides. There are two small spring riders and a small swing set (1 standard swing and 1 baby swing) The playground is based entirely in rubber and has fun colours included in the base! There is a fountain on site that wasn’t operational during our visit, as well as picnic tables and big trees for shade!

Invermere, BC

  • CastleRock Playground
  • Taynton Trail, Invermere, BC
  • A small but gorgeous playground in a new development tucked away on the west side of Invermere! The colourful bear and butterfly spring-riders are my favourite part, but the zipline is a close second! This playground also has a cool rope climber, a curly slide and swings (1 standard, 1 baby and 1 friendship tandem swing).
  • Columbia Valley Park Playground
  • Toby Creek Road, Invermere, BC
  • Not far from the CastleRock playground is another zipline playground in Invermere, BC! The Columbia Valley Park Playground has a zipline, a cute main structure with climbers and slides, and a set of swings – one standard, one baby, and one hammock swing!
  • James Chabot Provincial Park Playground
  • 3rd Avenue & 3rd Street, Invermere, BC
  • Near the beach in James Chabot Provincial Park sits this older-but-still-awesome playground! The dome is a modern feature set alongside the classic wooden playground. The girls love all the monkey bar variations as well as all the wooden posts for hopping! There is a bathroom building on site, plus the beach, of course!
  • Kinsmen Beach Playground and Rotary Splash & Spray Park
  • Fifth Avenue & 18 Street, Invermere, BC
  • Set on Kinsmen Beach, the beach playground is an older-but-still-awesome play area that kids love! It features a bus, Supernova Cirlce, and a unique climbing structure. We love the funny musical instruments – especially the alligator! Across the parking lot you’ll find the spray park – a well-spaced water play area with plenty of picnic tables and a bathroom right on site!
  • Lake Windermere & District Lions Club Community Park
  • 12 Avenue & 8 Street, Invermere, BC
  • The giant rope pentagon climber has long been a favourite at this great little community park that features four small separate play spaces as well as a large gazebo! The girls always head straight for the climber, so that dominates my photos and I’ll add more pics of the other features on our next visit!

Panorama Mountain Resort, BC

  • Fort Hide ‘n’ Seek, Panorama Mountain Resort, BC
  • This is definitely not your typical playground, but your kids will love it! If you visit Panorama Mountain Resort in the summer, you can hike up the mountain, or pay for the chair lift to take you up and then hike about 1km down to Fort Hide ‘n’ Seek, a cool two storey log cabin with a great slide!

Fairmont Hot Springs BC

  • Mountainside Vacation Villas, Fairmont Creek Road, off Highway 95, Fairmont Hot Springs, BC
  • Fairmont Hot Springs has a handful of pocket playgrounds sprinkled throughout the resort area. Our favourites are the two older-but-still-awesome playgrounds tucked away at Mountainside Vacation Villas, up Fairmont Creek Road in Fairmont Hot Springs.

Canal Flats, BC

  • Martin Morigeau School, 4891 Beatty Ave, Canal Flats, BC
  • A gorgeous inclusive playground with colourful rubber base, a ramped main structure and plenty of ground-level panel games. This playground is packed with slides, climbers, monkey bar variations and even a curved-track hanging arm slider! This school also has two older playgrounds, based in pea gravel, still on site, plus two large swingsets.
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