Valley Regional Park

Valley Regional Park

There is so much retro fun at Valley Regional Park!
The retro zipline was our favourite part of Valley Regional Park in Rosthern, Saskatchewan! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Want to check out one of the coolest throwback playgrounds ever? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Rosthern, Saskatchewan is home to Valley Regional Park, which has an amazing place to play!

When follower Hailey suggested I add this spot to my must-do list for our trip to Saskatchewan, I quickly looked it up and couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw what was undoubtedly the longest slide ever, built right into the hill. When we arrived, we found not only the slide but also an incredible zipline! The cable car zipline is by far and away the longest zipline we’ve ever been on, and all three of us had a blast riding it over and over again.

The field area is home to a modern playground as well as a variety of retro playground equipment. The girls had a blast climbing, monkey-ing and sliding on the modern red and green park. Accessory features here include a climbing wall, a teeter-totter and a cute puppy spring mounted rider. The older park has a little adventure structure with a blue and red tube, a four-seat teeter-totter with animal riders, a sand pit with happy face wooden posts, wooden balance beam course and a wooden log climber. There is also a collection of tires to hop along.

Though super-cool, the zipline would likely be a great challenge for anyone younger than about the girls age. (They were 8 when we visited.) Riders must hang on to the handle bars, and “sit” on the rope knot. Furthermore, the zipline is heavy, and it was a challenge for me to pull it up the hill to the launch platform. The slide starts off really well, but slows significantly midway through. The girls enjoyed it more than I did – I seemed to get “stuck” partway down.

Valley Regional Park is part of the Saskatchewan regional park system, and as such, there is a $5 fee to enter the grounds. The park is located right outside Rosthern, which is about a 35 minute drive northeast of Saskatoon. We diverted our trip home to visit this playground and felt it was 100% worth the extra time!

Valley Regional Park

  • WHERE: Find Valley Regional Park located just north of Rosthern, Saskatchewan off Highway 11.
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