The Colour Spectrum

The Colour Spectrum

The Colour Spectrum is Edmonton's Inclusive Art Studio
The Colour Spectrum is Edmonton’s only autism-focused children’s art studio. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

It’s a place where kids can engage in messy play, enjoy sensory play, and heck, they can even paint on the walls! The Colour Spectrum is an Edmonton art studio for kids – with a bit of a twist. It’s an inclusive children’s art studio! Owner Lauren puts a focus on neuro-divergent children while welcoming all children to engage and connect through art play.

The Colour Spectrum welcomes all children.
The studio may be small, but it’s packed with fun activities that even two 8-year-olds loved! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Lauren is a mom of four, and her oldest daughter is autistic and non-speaking. Her goal, when starting The Colour Spectrum, was to develop a place where neuro-divergent kids could be themselves – and where all kids could enjoy messy play, sensory play, art play and more.

Paint on the walls at the Colour Spectrum
Paint on the walls ! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.
Our visit

We appreciated Lauren’s invitation for us to check out the studio. Instantly, the girls spotted the paints, brushes and walls full of colour! They grabbed brushes and sponges and added to the murals. Both girls loved digging into the sensory bins! Featured for our visit were a fall-themed bin with mini pumpkins, leaves, acorns and more; as well as a food-themed bin with everything from fruits to donuts that could be opened and filled with the dried rice and beans that were part of the play.

The Colour Spectrum offers an indoor sandbox!
An indoor sandbox! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The sandbox caught the girls attention and they started digging, scooping, tunneling and raking. They had a lot of fun, and I’m always happy when they get to enjoy sand play without tracking it into my house!

The loft area of the Colour Spectrum is a quiet peaceful place.
The loft is a quiet space with lower light. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

For the final 15 minutes of our session, we got to visit the upper loft. It’s a quiet space with lower light and some sensory fidget toys. The girls especially liked the big rainbow slinky!

Sensory bins are a lot of fun at the Colour Spectrum.
The fall-themed sensory bin. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Visiting The Colour Spectrum is easy! Simply go to the website, and book your 90 minute time slot. You pay upon arrival and enjoy your time in the studio! There are so many timeslots available – including 7:30am spots on Saturdays and Sundays – a blessing for those parents with early-bird kiddos!

The Colour Spectrum:

  • WHAT: An inclusive children’s art studio offering drop-in 90 minute art and play sessions
  • WHERE: 847 Saddleback Road NW, Edmonton, Alberta
  • WHEN: Open Monday through Friday 9:30am-7pm, Open Saturdays & Sundays 7:30am-5pm
  • COST: Children 4 and under – $10 per session, Children 5 and over – $15 per session
  • MORE INFO: at

Disclosure – our visit to The Colour Spectrum was generously hosted. Thank you Lauren for your generosity. The girls loved our visit and are eager for a return trip to this inclusive Edmonton art studio!

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