Strathcona County Preschool and Pre-K

Strathcona County Preschool and Pre-K

Strathcona County Preschool and Pre-K Programs have so much to offer to young learners!
Strathcona County offers Preschool and Pre-K programs at both urban and rural facilities! Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds.

A learning model that focuses on child-led play. Programs that prioritize time in nature with access to exceptional outdoor spaces. Emphasis on physical literacy with access to outstanding indoor playgrounds. Strathcona County Preschool and Pre-K programs offer ALL of the above and much more!

Strathcona County takes a beautiful spin on early learning. In addition to traditional Preschool and Pre-K classes, there are unique offerings like “Saturday Playtime”, “Preschool Play Series”, and “Little Chefs”. Parented programs are another option where parents get to bond with their child(ren) through play. Programs range in length from 45 minutes (parented) to three hours, so families can introduce children to organized programming in the way that suits them best. Some programs are also offered multiple days each week, like Junior Preschool and Pre-K.

The County’s robust facilities allow for a wide variety of programs, including classes in rural settings! Finally, the county offers Preschool programs through three seasons – fall, winter and spring – with session lengths that run from 8 to 11 weeks. Week-long summer camps, both half-day and full-day, are also available. Families have the freedom to explore a variety of options without being tied to a full-year commitment. (Pre-K programming does run in conjunction with the traditional school calendar.)

The philosophy

In a word: PLAY. Play is at the centre of every program. Spaces are beautifully and intentionally designed to offer a lot of space for movement while being full of opportunities for children to explore the world around them. Classrooms have role-playing stations, book nooks, sensory bins, open-ended toys, art supplies and other outlets for creative expression. Indoor playgrounds allow children the freedom to run, jump, climb and slide through a variety of fun and bright equipment. Outdoor areas present the chance for kids to be in nature. Strathcona County preschool programmers pride themselves on including daily outdoor experiences whenever possible.

Strathcona Olympiette Centre

Described as Strathcona County’s “hidden gem”, the preschool at the Strathcona Olympiette Centre is tucked away above the arena. But just because it isn’t a public-facing space doesn’t mean it isn’t awesome!

Tucked away upstairs at Strathcona Olympiette Centre is an awesome Strathcona County preschool facility!
Did you know there was a Preschool room in the rural Strathcona Olympiette Centre? Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The classroom is a treasure trove of stations that kids will love! My girls explored one location after the next and really loved the kitchen area, the light table and all the natural features – from branches being used to hang art to a nature playscape featuring rocks, logs and even little birdhouses!

Nature play is a big part of the preschool program at Strathcona Olympiette Centre.
Natural play elements are displayed prominently in the Preschool classroom at Strathcona Olympiette Centre! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The indoor playground is an impressive space, too – SPACE being the key word. It’s a huge room that has a wide variety of indoor playground equipment but also offers kids open areas to run, bounce and dance. My girls took turns making a variety of obstacle courses and challenged each other to complete them.

The fabulous preschool indoor playground at the Strathcona Olympiette Centre.
The exceptional Preschool indoor playground at Strathcona County Olympiette Centre! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

But the best part about this hidden gem is its location. Strathcona Olympiette Centre has an outdoor playground right outside the doors, as well as a field and a well-laid-out trail system in the forest beyond. Truly a natural paradise for kids of all ages!

Kinsmen Leisure Centre

Kinsmen Leisure Centre has two classrooms for preschool programming. Each is set with gorgeous natural features, open-ended toys, art opportunities and imaginative play stations! (We LOVED the little flower shop!)

The flower shop was a popular station in the preschool classroom at Kinsmen Leisure Centre.
Cuteness overload in the Flower Shop in the Preschool Classroom at Kinsmen Leisure Centre. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The preschool playground sets the bar high! A nautical theme runs throughout with a ship, a submarine, a sand castle and even sea creatures spaced throughout the floor. The climbing wall is a favourite of my girls – and the room got bonus points from them for the cool black light. Glow-in-the-dark “snowball” fight, anyone???

You'll love the ocean theme at the Kinsmen Leisure Centre Indoor Playground.
The amazing Preschool indoor playground at the Kinsmen Leisure Centre. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Kinsmen Leisure Centre is just steps away from the world-class playground at Broadmoor Lake Park – as well as its beautiful lake, trails and greenspaces!

Millennium Place

The preschool classroom at Millennium Place is bright and open. Here you’ll find preschool favourites including light play, sensory stations, some of our favourite toys (like PlusPlus) and more. The outdoor play area at this location is the smallest of the three – but it is a private and fenced grassy area and there is even a mud kitchen!

The preschool indoor classroom at Millennium Place
Play rules in the outstanding Preschool classroom inside Millennium Place! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

How lucky are the kids that attend preschool at Millennium Place?!? They have access to both the combatives room and the incredible indoor playground! Padded floors and walls make the combatives room the squishiest gymnasium ever. (I think my girls want one for the house!)

The combatives room at Millennium Place!
Kids love playing in the soft padded Combatives Room at Millennium Place! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The indoor playground at Millennium Place rivals many outdoor playgrounds. Climbers will love the tall treehouse, with tubes and slides. There is also a freestanding structure with more slides and rings, plus a huge bouldering wall! Imaginative kids will like the cozy cabin best, with its fireplace, vegetable garden, picnic table and kitchen complete with appliance sound effects!


Strathcona County’s Pre-K programs are currently open for registration for the 2023-2024 school year. Registration for the Fall session of the variety of Preschool programs will open on August 23, 2023. ((Edit – Aug 22 – Registration has been moved to Tuesday, August 29, 2023!))

Parents may also request a tour of any of these amazing early-learning spaces by emailing

Strathcona County Preschool and Pre-K:

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  • BIRTHDAY PARTIES: The Strathcona County Preschool spaces can be rented for birthday parties! Learn more HERE

Editor’s note: I wrote this article as a paid partnership with Strathcona County. The girls and I had a chance to tour all the Preschool and Pre-K spaces and were so impressed with the options. Thank you Strathcona County for trusting me to tell your story!

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