Stanley A Milner Library

Stanley A Milner Library

The Stanley A Milner Library is a fun and free place to visit in Edmonton.
The Wall is a highlight of any visit to the Stanley A Milner Library in Downtown Edmonton. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Every library is a special spot, but the Stanley A Milner Library in Downtown Edmonton takes that to the next level! It’s an excellent fun and free place to go with kids in Edmonton!

There are two interactive walls at the Stanley A Milner Library.
The sign on the floor lets you know there is more to explore behind The Wall! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

One of the biggest (literally!) reasons we love this library so much is because of The Wall! The Wall is a two-storey high and 40-foot wide interactive screen. You’ll feel immersed inside a coral reef, a space station or a prehistoric landscape! Across the bottom of the massive screen are individual panels. These offer everything from games to information! Don’t forget to peek around the backside of the main wall – there you’ll find a smaller secondary wall showcasing a different interactive opportunity. You can find the schedule for both walls HERE.

The smaller wall at the Stanley A Milner Library is still big on fun!
The smaller wall is still big on fun! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The Stanley A Milner branch of the Edmonton Public Library also has a remarkable children’s library. In addition to a huge selection of books, it features physical play areas along with a wide variety of building toys, imaginative play features, and creative fun! A standout feature for us is the Children’s Makerspace. Use of the space must be reserved in advance, which can be done by calling 780-496-7039.

Stanley A Milner Library

  • WHERE: 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square, Edmonton
  • THE WALL: schedule can be found HERE
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