St Richard School

I love seeing what kids choose when they get to have a hand in designing a playground! Students at St Richard School were part of the process and the equipment they chose for their new playground (Summer 2022) is fabulous!

The playground has an excellent circuit set up with monkey bars, rings and hanging arm sliders. There’s a main structure with slides, including a big curly one, and there are a wide variety of accessory features including a small rope merry-go-round, a dish spinner, 2 saucer swings, and ground features like a music area, finger games and imaginative play structures. This playground is based in wood chips and has a paved tarmac circling the play area. Painted on the tarmac are fun designs and activity prompts.

Beyond the playground is a large green space. There are a few benches surrounding the park, and there are lots of mature trees nearby for shade.


5704 Mill Woods Road S
Edmonton, Alberta


Baby Swings: no
Standard Swing: no
Baby/Parent Swing: no
2 person Swing: no
Saucer Swing: Yes 2
Accessible Swing: no
Digger: no
Music Features: Yes
Zipline: no
Zipline Spinner: no
Accessible Features: Yes

Ground Cover

Rubber: no
Sand: no
Turf: no
Wood Chips: Yes


School: Yes
Washrooms: no
Splash Park: no
Dinosaurs the Exhibition is the feature at TELUS World of Science Edmonton

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