Snow Valley Aerial Park

Snow Valley Aerial Park

Snow valley aerial park is a great summer spot in Edmonton!
Kids 125cm and up can climb at the Snow Valley Aerial Park! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Talk about the ultimate Edmonton playground! We had so much fun checking out Snow Valley Aerial Park!

Four layers of fun at Snow Valley Aerial Park.
Choose your own adventure when you visit the aerial park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

There are four levels of fun at the aerial park! The lowest level can be accessed by kids using harnesses with a slightly different set of clips. The upper three levels are for adults and kids alike, though shorter kids will need help reaching clips and must climb with an adult.

Check your height at Snow Valley Aerial Park.
Climbers must be 125cm to climb. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Kids must be at least 125cm tall to climb. Climbers between 125cm and 140cm can climb the lowest level of the park alone, or the higher levels of the park with an adult. Adult help will be needed for kids in this height range to connect their harness clips to higher keys.

What to bring:

Climbers should wear comfortable clothing that offers plenty of room to move and closed-toe shoes. Harnesses are provided and no other special equipment is necessary. Arriving 10-15 minutes ahead of your climbing time is another key – it allows you time to check in, get your tickets, harness up and go to “ground school” to learn how to work the clipping system.

The camper is a fun photo op at Snow Valley Aerial Park.
The great staff will snap photos for you! Photo by Snow Valley team!

Cell phones aren’t allowed to be carried up – even in a pocket – but the helpful staff is more than willing to snap your pic at some of the fun photo ops like the camper! Photos can be downloaded for free.

Mine for fossils, gems and more at the Snow Valley Aerial Park.
We found cool treasure at the Whitemud Creek Mining Company. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.
Fun stuff for the non-climbers:

Climbing isn’t the only fun thing to do at Snow Valley in Summer. We also checked out the Whitemud Creek Mining Company. The girls got one bag of “Pay Dirt” mining rough and one bag of “Fossil Find” mining rough and found all sorts of cool treasures to take home! Pre-booking is not required for this feature and there is no height requirement.

Target Golf is another fun activity at Snow Valley Aerial Park.
Target golf is another option for all ages. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

We took a swing at the target golf course too! This fun driving range allows golfers to aim for cute targets on the ski hill. Pre-booking is not required here either, and kids of all ages can participate.

New for 2024 – check out Snow Valley Mini Golf, and 18 hole putting course! The Mini Golf course is located right next to the Target Golf Course.

Snow Valley Aerial Park also has a pretty amazing playground!
I was amazed at the cool playground! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

But wait – there’s more! Snow Valley is also home to an outstanding playground! Set behind the aerial park you’ll find a neat play area with a climber, slide, teeter-totter and one of the most unique merry-go-rounds we’ve ever found! The parks are based in rubber and wood chips.

Snow Valley Aerial Park is home to cool playgrounds.
How cool is this merry-go-round? Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.
Shout out to the team:

One final note – I want to give a shout-out to the great staff at Snow Valley Aerial Park! The team was patient with both my kiddos as they learned the clips and also when they decided to change clips to try different parts of the course. Staff members were also great about snapping pics of us during our adventure. Above all, no matter what we requested, their reply was always “we are here to help!” – so props to them for hiring great staff with excellent customer service skills!

The teeter-totter is pretty unique too!
The teeter-totter is pretty cool too! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Snow Valley Aerial Park

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Our visit to Snow Valley Aerial Park was hosted and we are grateful for the opportunity to experience this awesome Edmonton Summer attraction!

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