Our Magical Disney Moment

Our Magical Disney Moment

Edmonton Playgrounds Magical Disney Moment Cover
Our Magical Disney Moment – we got to be the First Family at Disney’s California Adventure! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

It was an experience that I can only describe as our Magical Disney Moment! A trolley conductor approached us as we entered the gates of Disney’s California Adventure park. He asked us if it was our first visit. It wasn’t, but it had been more than ten years since my husband and I had been in the park. The girls quickly told him it was there first visit. He smiled and told us it was our lucky day!

Edmonton Playgrounds Magical Disney Moment 1
Our conductor gave us collector pins featuring Oswald the Rabbit! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

“First Family of the Day”

We followed the conductor to his trolley and he invited us aboard as the official “First Family of the Day” for the California Adventure Park. The girls were pumped! The conductor gave them each a special Disney pin featuring Oswald the Rabbit! Oswald is the character Walt Disney created before he created Mickey Mouse. We did some research and found out the Oswald pins are part of the 2014 Secret Pin Collection.

Edmonton Playgrounds Magical Disney Moment 2
We toured Buena Vista Street by trolley and even spotted Santa! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

The trolley took us into the California Adventure park and down Buena Vista Street, which is designed to look like old Hollywood. We stopped in front of the Disney Animation Academy building and two more Disney team members hopped aboard. They gave us two more gifts. One was a hand-drawn sketch of Mickey Mouse with a note that read “Thank you for being the First Family”. The other was a card dentifying us as the “Screamer of the Day”, which allowed us to skip to the front of the line for the Monsters, INC. ride all day long!

Edmonton Playgrounds Magical Disney Moment 3
We received a coveted ‘Screamer of the Day’ card, allowing us to bypass the lines for the Monsters, INC. ride! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

One more surprise!

Our conductor had one more surprise in store. At the end of the trolley line, he walked us to the Webslingers Spider-Man Adventure ride. We zipped to the front of that line too! Mr. Conductor thanked us for being the “First Family” and sent us on our way.

Edmonton Playgrounds Magical Disney Moment 4
We also got to go to the front of the line for the Spider Man Webslinger ride. I am the family champion of that ride! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

I couldn’t think of a cooler way to start our day at Disney’s California Adventure! The luck continued for me, as I scored the most points on the Webslingers ride both times we rode it! Have you ever had a Magical Disney Moment? I’d love to hear about your experience!

Edmonton Playgrounds Rookie Mom in Disneyland Cover

We also visited Disneyland on our trip. I learned 10 important lessons as a rookie Disney mom. I share them HERE!

This visit to Disneyland was NOT hosted, and the opinions expressed are entirely my own.

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