Nature Adventure – Leduc’s Telford Lake

We found a great nature adventure at Leduc's Telford Lake.
Leduc’s Telford Lake is home to one of the biggest boardwalks we’ve found in our area. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

When I think of great nature adventures, they often involve trails, paths into the trees, bodies of water, birds, flowers and unique places to explore. Boardwalks always get bonus points in my books. With those criteria in mind, Leduc’s Telford Lake made the perfect setting for a great nature adventure!

Leduc's Telford Lake includes an incredible boardwalk to explore!
Head out onto the viewing platforms to watch the pelicans and other water birds. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

We brought our bikes along, which was a perfect way to explore the approximately 8 km of paved trails that circle Telford Lake! Our adventure started on the massive Telford Lake boardwalk. We visited the viewing platform that extends out into the lake and watched ducks and pelicans enjoying the water!

We enjoyed the beauty of Leduc's Telford Lake
A gorgeous day to be near the water! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The lake was clear and serene for our visit! As we made our way around the water, we saw that a dragon boat team and a couple of sculling boats were also on the lake.

Leduc's Telford Lake is surrounded by 8km of paved trail.
The trails are smooth and paved for the entire 8km. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.
The Trail

8 kilometres of smooth, paved trails surround the lake. It’s an easy ride with little undulation to the terrain, and would make for a great ride for beginners or a great early-season ride to get the bike legs going again! The path runs through everything from forest areas with lots of nature trails to explore, to open wetlands that are marked as restoration areas.

Viewing platforms surround Leduc's Telford Lake
The viewing platforms each contain signs with information about the area. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Viewing platforms are set in a variety of locations around the lake. Many have signs with information about wildlife that lives on, in and around the waterway.

We watched pelicans feed at Leduc's Telford Lake
We thought the pelicans were pretty cool! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Pelicans were plentiful during our visit! We could also hear chickadees and other birds calling as we rode around the lake. Our route took us clockwise from the west end of the lake. We found the north side of the lake was more foresty, the east side was more open wetland, and the south side featured the beautiful gardens. Amenities we spotted included a couple of porta potties, plus benches and picnic tables.

Leduc's Telford Lake has a pollinator garden alongside it!
The pollinator garden is a lovely spot in Leduc. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Along the south side of the lake is the city of Leduc’s Pollinator Garden. The sunflowers were beautifully in bloom when we visited! We look forward to returning in other seasons to observe the gardens in bloom!

Leduc’s Telford Lake

  • Where: Park at Telford House Park, 4907 – 46 Street in Leduc, Alberta. There is ample parking in the lot, and the path connects immediately to the Telford Lake Boardwalk.
  • What: Enjoy a simple walk along the extensive boardwalk, or follow the paved multi-use trail for the entire 8km loop of the lake.
  • Who: The entire path is paved and the boardwalk is on level with the paved path, making it accessible to all.
  • When: Enjoy this nature adventure year-round! Telford Lake also offers a skating area in winter.
  • Don’t miss: The Leduc Coffee Shop is located just a couple of blocks west of the Telford Lake parking lot. They make incredible cinnamon buns and great coffee too!
  • Pair it with a playground: We extended our ride and used the Leduc Trail system to head to Meadowview Dinosaur Playground. A closer option is the playground in William F. Lede Park to the south of the lake.
  • More info: HERE
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