Father Leo Green School

Bright, brilliant and beautiful – and accessible! There’s a lot to love about the playground at Father Leo Green School. This playground is based in rubber and turf, with a decorated, paved tarmac leading from the school doors right to the playspace! There’s also a path with direct access to the ramped main structure – which includes a spring-mounted “off roader”.

The main structure is great, and includes a lot of climbing options, as well as slides – and extending from the structure is an extensive obstacle course of monkey bars, rings, and hanging arm slider – with a cool and colourful climber in the centre of it all. This playground offers swings, (2 standard), and a variety of accessory pieces like musical features, games and mazes. A few pieces of the school’s older playground equipment remain in the field a short distance away from the new park – these include a freestanding climber and a tall rope merry-go-round. This school offers both French and Spanish programming and the playground includes a few accent pieces in both languages!


7512 – 144 Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta


Baby Swings: no
Standard Swing: Yes 2
Baby/Parent Swing: no
2 person Swing: no
Saucer Swing: no
Accessible Swing: no
Digger: no
Music Features: Yes
Zipline: no
Zipline Spinner: no
Accessible Features: Yes

Ground Cover

Rubber: Yes
Sand: no
Turf: Yes
Wood Chips: no


School: Yes
Washrooms: no
Splash Park: no

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