Edmonton’s Best Theme Playgrounds

Edmonton has an amazing selection of theme playgrounds.
We couldn’t make the list of Edmonton’s Best Theme Playgrounds without including Leduc’s Blackstone Pirate Playground! Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Is there anything cooler than a really-well-done theme playground? We love them, and Edmonton has so many great examples! Here are the 10 that we think are Edmonton’s Best Theme Playgrounds. (plus a few bonuses too!)

Edmonton Playgrounds Rocketship Park Title Page
Rocketship Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.


Edmonton Playgrounds Meadowview Dinosaur Park Title Page
Meadowview Dinosaur Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.


Edmonton Playgrounds Blackstone Playground Title Page
Blackstone Playground. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds


  • Blackstone Playground – on Black Stone Blvd in Leduc, Alberta
  • Arrrrr! Scallywags will love the change to play on the giant pirate ship and search for the sunken treasure at Blackstone Playground!
  • Find more pirates: just up the road, at Leduc’s West Haven School!
Edmonton Playgrounds Rapperswill Playground Title Page
Rapperswill Playground. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.


Edmonton Playgrounds Blatchford Tomato Park Title Page
Blatchford Tomato Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.


Edmonton Playgrounds Hazeldean Park Title Page
Hazeldean Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.


Edmonton Playgrounds McConachie Playground Title Page
McConachie Playground. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.


  • McConachie Playground – 221 McConachie Blvd.
  • Like train parks, Edmonton is also home to a variety of plane parks! We love the cute little climbing plane at McConachie Playground!
  • Find more planes at: Cy Becker Park, and Leduc Spray Park.
  • You can also learn more about Edmonton’s aviation history HERE.
Edmonton Playgrounds Versailles Park Title Page
Versailles Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Fire Truck-theme

  • Versailles Park – Versailles Avenue & Giroux Road, St. Albert, Alberta
  • Versailles Park is not only home to a fire truck, but this playground has the fire station, a spring-rider ambulance, and even the fire pup!
  • Find more fire trucks at: Florian Park, Hodson Park, and Rutherford School (with a fire bell that really rings!), to name just a few!
Edmonton Playgrounds Eaux Claires Playground Title Page
Eaux Claires Playground. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.


  • Eaux Claires Playground – 16003 – 95 Street
  • The city within our city! We love the fire truck, police station, bank and even jail at this cool little playground! There are even roads painted on the rubber base!
  • From city slickers to country fun – we also love the farm-theme playgrounds at Ecole Notre Dame and Ardrossan Rec Centre.
Edmonton Playgrounds St Brendan School Title Page
St. Brendan School. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.


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