Edmonton Fountains Your Kids Will Love!

Edmonton Playgrounds shares a list of Edmonton Fountains your kids will love!
Cool off or take a cool photo at these Edmonton Fountains your kids will love! Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds.

1 – City Hall

  • Where: City Hall, 1 Sir Winston Churchill Square
  • What: The wading pool and fountain usually operate from 10am-9pm on warm weather days. Opening for the season May 27, 2023!
  • Pair it with a playground: City Hall is just a couple blocks away from the excellent Boyle Street Neighbourhood Playspace!
The fountains on Violet King Henry Plaza (formerly Capital Plaza) are definitely Edmonton Fountains your kids will love!
This plaza is packed with tons of in-ground fountains! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

2 – Violet King Henry Plaza (formerly Capital Plaza)

  • Where: Above the Legislature Grounds, 99 Avenue & 108 Street.
  • What: Ground fountains that kids will love running through! Opening date for 2023 not yet announced.
  • Pair it with a playground: The plaza is just a couple of blocks away from the new (2022) playground at Holy Child Catholic School!
Paul Kane Park features an Edmonton Fountain and trickle river your kids will love!
The fountain and shallow river in Paul Kane Park is a beautiful place to play in summer! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

3 – Paul Kane Park

  • Where: 103 Avenue & 121 Street
  • What: A gorgeous marble fountain, titled “Sometimes, Always, Even” by Artist April Dean released a trickle of water that becomes a small river in which kids love to play!
  • Pair it with a playground: Kitchener Park, with its excellent train, is an outstanding playground!
Alex Decoteau Park is home to Edmonton Fountains your kids will love!
Ground fountains are a nice addition to Alex Decoteau Park! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

4 – Alex Decoteau Park

  • Where: 105 Street and 102 Avenue
  • What: Enjoy a small row of ground fountains! Alex Decoteau Park is also home to a small, fenced, off-leash dog park!
  • Pair it with a playground: Keep heading north and you’ll reach Central McDougall, an older-but-still-awesome playground!
Borden Park has a unique offering when it comes to Edmonton Fountains your kids will love.
The lovely fountain at Borden Park is a great addition to a beautiful park! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

5 – Borden Park

  • Where: Borden Park Road and 75 Street
  • What: An above-ground fountain in which kids will love splashing their hands!
  • Pair it with a playground: Borden Park is home to an exceptional playground too!
Our list of Edmonton Fountains wouldn't be complete without this cool fountain at the top of Victoria Hill.
“The Convergence” is a cool fountain AND photo op! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

6 – The Convergence

  • Where: 100 Avenue & 117 Street (east end of Victoria Promenade)
  • What:The Convergence” fountain by artist Tony Bloom.
  • Pair it with a playground: Zip down the trails to Victoria Park and its small but adorable new (2022) playground!
A favourite among Edmonton fountains is the fountain at Alexander Circle!
One of the prettiest spots in our city in the summer! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

7 – Alexander Circle Fountain

  • Where: 103 Avenue & 133 Street
  • What: A gorgeous fountain, not for wading in, but perfect for summer photo ops!
  • Pair it with a playground: Head a couple blocks west to Glenora School playground and its super slides!
One of the most unique among Edmonton Fountains is the one in Giovanni Caboto Park.
Giovanni Caboto Park is an Edmonton classic! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

8 – Giovanni Caboto Park

  • Where: 95 Street and 109 Avenue
  • What: Another photo op fountain, not for wading, but there is also a playground with a spray park just steps away!
  • Pair it with a playground: Giovanni Caboto Park is also home to a fantastic playground!
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