Edmonton Art Installations Your Kids Will Love!

Edmonton is full of remarkable art installations! We’ve rounded up a list of the coolest Edmonton Art Installations that your kids will LOVE!

The Glowing Marigold is a piece of Edmonton Art your kids will love!
The glowing LED Marigold by Artist Brad Hinson. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

1 – The Glowing Marigold

  • Where: Stadium Yards, 106A Avenue and Muttart Crossing
  • What: The marigold is Edmonton’s official flower! This LED marigold has a motion sensor and will glow when visitors walk nearby!
  • Artist: Brad Hinson, Studio F Minus
  • Pair it with a playground: Stadium Yards is just a short jaunt away from Sheriff Robertson Park, one of Edmonton’s few roller-slide playgrounds!
The Indigenous Art Park is a special part of Edmonton's public art collection.
“ᐃᐢᑯᑌᐤ(iskotew)” by Artist Amy Malbeuf. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

2 – Indigenous Art Park

  • Where: Queen Elizabeth Park, 10380 Queen Elizabeth Park Road
  • What: ᐄᓃᐤ (ÎNÎW) River Lot 11∞ features the works of several Canadian Indigenous Artists. The art park is situated on ancestral lands of Indigenous people and the river lot was once home to Métis landowner Joseph McDonald.
  • Artist: Among these pieces is the above piece titled ᐃᐢᑯᑌᐤ(iskotew) by Amy Malbeuf.
  • Pair it with a playground: The Kinsmen Grizzly Bear Lodge playground is just a short jaunt away from the Indigenous Art Park!
Carbon Copy is a unique piece of Edmonton Art that Kids Love
“Carbon Copy” by Artists Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

3 – Carbon Copy

  • Where: The Brewery District, 104 Avenue & 120 Street
  • What: It’s a 1988 Plymouth Caravelle standing vertically from its front-end, with a glitch, of sorts, through its middle.
  • Artists: Caitlind r.c. Brown and Wayne Garrett
  • Pair it with a playground: Follow the mixed-use trail due north from Carbon Copy and you’ll eventually run into Rocketship Park!
The Vaulted Willow sits in Borden Park.
“The Vaulted Willow” by Artist Marc Fornes and theverymany. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

4 – The Vaulted Willow

  • Where: In Borden Park, north off 112 Avenue near 78 Street
  • What: A colourful, serpent-like dome of sorts made of metal “scales” fused together. I have so many wonderful memories of playing tag and hide-and-go-seek with my girls in and around the Vaulted Willow!
  • Artist: Marc Fornes & theverymany
  • Pair it with a playground: The Vaulted Willow just happens to be located in Borden Park, which is also home to an incredible playground!
It's fun to play on Turbulent, which makes it a piece of Edmonton Art that Kids Love!
“Turbulent” by Artist Jill Anholt. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

5 – Turbulent

  • Where: Above Grierson Hill, next to the 100 Street Funicular
  • What: Ribbons of metal designed to represent swirling water. My girls love climbing and sliding on them!
  • Artist: Jill Anholt
  • Pair it with a playground: Zip up the Funicular and head northeast to the Boyle Street Neighbourhood Playspace!
Sometimes, Always, Even is part of the landscape at Paul Kane Park.
“Sometimes, Always, Even” by Artist April Dean. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

6 – Sometimes, Always, Even

  • Where: In Paul Kane Park, 122 Street & 103 Avenue
  • What: The phrases “Sometimes when we are quiet”, “Always when we are laughing” and “Even when we are gazing at the moon” are carved into the tall granite fountain that trickles a stream of water down a tiny river to the pond in Paul Kane Park.
  • Artist: April Dean
  • Pair it with a playground: Paul Kane Park is a lovely place to stop and play on its own! If you’re looking for a traditional playground, we love Kitchener Park located just a few blocks east.
The Tawatina Bridge is covered with hundreds of pieces of Edmonton Art your kids will love.
The Tawatinâ Bridge has hundreds of pieces of art by Artist David Garneau. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

7 – Tawatinâ Bridge

  • Where: An LRT and pedestrian footbridge connecting Louise McKinney Riverfront Park on the north side and 98 Avenue & 96a Street (near the Muttart Conservatory) on the south side.
  • What: Walk the pedestrian bridge and look up – there are some 400 pieces of Indigenous art displayed on the underside of the LRT bridge!
  • Artist: David Garneau
  • Pair it with a playground: If you’re on the south side of the river, check out Cloverdale Playground. If you’re on the north side, take the trail east to Riverdale Playground. (Bonus – it has a cute little skate park!)
Edmonton Playgrounds Belgravia Playground 1
“Still Life” by Artist Andrew French. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

8 – Still Life

  • Where: Belgravia Art Park, 73 Avenue & 115 Street
  • What: Find a number of unique art pieces on display in this greenspace, including “Still Life” pictured above!
  • Artist: Andrew French
  • Pair it with a playground: You are literally steps away from the older-but-still-awesome Belgravia Playground!
Recycles are interactive Edmonton Art that Kids will Love.
“Recycles” by Artists Lynn Malin and Elizabeth Bowering Beauchamp. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds

9 – Recycles

  • Where: Beaver Hills House Park, 10404 Jasper Avenue
  • What: Marvel at what these bicycle-like contraptions are actually made of!
  • Artists: Lynn Malin and Elizabeth Bowering Beauchamp
  • Pair it with a playground: RJW (Dick) Mather Memorial Park is home to the first-ever playground in Edmonton’s Downtown neighbourhood.
Edmonton Playgrounds WC Tubby Bateman Park 1
“Buffalo Mountain” by Artist Stewart Steinhauer. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

10 – Buffalo Mountain

  • Where: WC Tubby Bateman Park, 9703 – 88 Avenue
  • What: A beautiful buffalo carved of granite. The buffalo is encircled by 13 rocks that represent the 13 moons of the Cree calendar.
  • Artist: Stewart Steinhauer
  • Pair it with a playground: Buffalo Mountain is part of the small playground at WC Tubby Bateman Park.
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