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HomeSpritz Cleaning

Edmonton Playgrounds Homespritz Cleaning Promo Code
Save $15 on your first Edmonton home cleaning when you use the code: Edmontonplaygrounds15

HomeSpritz Cleaning is a Calgary-based residential and business cleaning company. They’ve expanded and now also offer home and residential cleaning to Edmonton and area, as well as to Vancouver and area! HomeSpritz hires highly skilled cleaners and takes pride in paying a living wage to their team members, allowing them to retain more employees, and offering customers the advantage of having their homes cleaned by the same cleaner if they so choose. We had an outstanding experience with HomeSpritz – read about our home cleaning in Edmonton HERE. You can save $15 on your first HomeSpritz booking when you use the Promo Code: Edmontonplaygrounds15

Busy Bee Meals!

Edmonton Playgrounds Busy Bee Meals 1
Shop Busy Bee Meals and use Promo Code: JILL10 to save $10

Busy Bee Meals is a Lloydminster-based small business that uses delicious, fresh ingredients to package slow-cooker-ready frozen meals. They offer a new menu each month, and you can choose meals for 2, 4 or 6. They also offer gluten-free or dairy-free options. Carmen and her Busy Bee team give families the gift of time, with wholesome, kid-friendly meals that you pop in the slow cooker, set and forget… that is, until the delicious aroma takes over your kitchen! I can attest that my kids have LOVED our Busy Bee meals! Use Promo Code: JILL10 to save $10 on your first order!

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