Calgary’s Glacier Ridge Bird Playground

Calgary’s Glacier Ridge Bird Playground

Calgary's Glacier Ridge Bird Playground is another gorgeous playground in Calgary!
Calgary’s Glacier Ridge Bird Playground is just a stone’s throw away from Calgary’s Glacier Ridge Fox Playground!

Calgary’s new Glacier Ridge neighbourhood is quickly becoming an embarrassment of riches when it comes to playgrounds! A second stunning playground, designed by Earthscape Play and their Alberta partner Park ‘n’ Play design is now open!

I’ve dubbed this Glacier Ridge Bird Playground – for the beautiful bright blue bird standing proudly at the edge of the park! There are also two mini mountain ranges for your little climbers! A climbable playhouse with slide will appeal to the toddlers (as well as the big kids) and three bouncing leaves make excellent accessory pieces.

There is an extensive “log jam” climbing area with balance beam and rope features. Bar sliders extend off one of the high beams and were a favourite challenge of the girls! This playground also offers a small swing set with one accessible swing and one standard swing.

Benches sit alongside the playground, which is based in rubber, and the neighbourhood trail system snakes past the park. There are no trees for shade, but as the neighbourhood develops, it’s possible that landscaping plans could include trees.

Glacier Ridge Bird Playground

  • Where: Edith Pass NW, Calgary, Alberta
Calgary's Glacier Ridge Playground features an adorable red fox!
Glacier Ridge Bird Playgrond is in the same vicinity as Glacier Ridge Fox Playground!
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