Calgary Zoo Bugtopia

Calgary Zoo Bugtopia

the Calgary Zoo's Bugtopia is the coolest playground at the Zoo.
Bugtopia is the predominent playground at The Calgary Zoo. Photos by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Brawn Family Foundation Bugtopia at the Calgary Zoo is, without a doubt, one of the most unique play areas we’ve visited! The oversized play structures take kids inside the world of bugs. There are climbers, slides, spinners and so much more – all created to teach kids about pollinators, decomposers and other insects.

The girls particularly liked exploring the giant tree stump with its curly slides, climbing aboard the back of a giant dragonfly, zipping along roller slides, and hiding in honeycombs, to name just a few things!

A visit to Bugtopia is included with your admission to the Calgary Zoo. This playground is set in the “Canadian Wilds” part of the Zoo. The play area is mostly based in wood chips.

The Calgary Zoo is home to a number of other play structures sprinkled throughout the zoo grounds. Another favourite of ours is the Kinsmen Zooventure playground – mainly for all the cool tunnels to explore, as well as the photo ops! Who can resist the amazing Snake Slide or jumping in the pouch of the mother Kangaroo?!?

The Calgary Zoo

  • Where: 210 St. George’s Drive NE, Calgary, Alberta
  • Parking: Paid parking is available in the Calgary Zoo’s main parking lot.
  • More info: on the Calgary Zoo HERE
Calgary's Carrot Park, located outside Calgary's Farmer's Market West, features a giant climbing carrot!

If you don’t like giant bugs you might like giant veggies – check out Calgary’s Carrot Park!

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