Butte Montana Stodden Park

Butte Montana Stodden Park

There is a giant mining truck at the Butte Montana Stodden Park.
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Butte Montana Stodden Park is one of the largest and without a doubt one of the coolest playgrounds we’ve ever visited!

The standout feature is undoubtedly the large hauling truck – a nod to the mining history of Butte, Montana. There are other historic tributes too – climbing towers that resemble mining elevators and spring riders for the littles that look like construction vehicles. Kids can also climb the famous M Trail up a sizeable boulder!

There are so many features at this playground – kids could play for hours and constantly find new and exciting features! A few of our favourites include the Brand Out giant climbing tree, the InfiNets climbing system and a cable-track zipline! (The BEST kind!)

Stodden is home to a few features I’ve never seen at playgrounds! There is a playground “elevator”! Climb the InfiNets to a deck, then jump onto a platform that lowers you to the ground! As soon as the rider jumps off, the platform rises again. There is also a “Treasure Tumble” search game for kids – spin the roller to discover shapes hidden within blue and yellow coloured beads. Can you find all 10 shapes?

While it’s a destination in itself, Stodden Park is also home to several other exciting features! There is a carousel inside a building across the field, as well as an outdoor pool and waterslide! It’s also home to a large sports complex with baseball fields and tennis courts. There is a large parking lot with plenty of space for lots of visitors.

Stodden Park

  • Where: 3103 S Utah Avenue, Butte, Montana
  • Parking: There is a large free parking lot at the site of this playground.
  • More info: on Stodden Park HERE

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