Blackburne Park

Camp out in the cozy cabin! You can take your off-road truck to get there – or opt for the more efficient climber car. Pull up a mushroom and enjoy the Woodland Cafe. The playground Blackburne Park is amazing and full of imaginative fun!

The toddler park is vast, with the climbing car, a main structure that includes a couple of slides, a piano feature and a sand table. The big kid park is huge, with a focus on climbers. There are spinners, a teeter totter and swings (4 standard, 2 baby) This playground is based in a mix of rubber, sand and wood chips and there are benches and picnic tables, including a covered area, throughout.


723 Blackwood Crescent SW
Edmonton, Alberta


Baby Swings: Yes 2
Standard Swing: Yes 4
Baby/Parent Swing: no
2 person Swing: no
Saucer Swing: no
Accessible Swing: no
Digger: no
Music Features: Yes
Zipline: no
Zipline Spinner: no
Accessible Features: Yes

Ground Cover

Rubber: Yes
Sand: Yes
Turf: no
Wood Chips: Yes


School: no
Washrooms: no
Splash Park: no
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