10 of the Best Calgary Playgrounds

Visiting Calgary this summer and looking for FREE fun and a way to burn off some energy? We can help! Check out our list of 10 of the Best Calgary Playgrounds. We found most of these playgrounds in Calgary thanks to the help of our friends at @CalgaryPlaygrounds – follow them for all the coolest spots in Calgary.

Prairie Winds Park makes our list for one of the Best Calgary Playgrounds.
Prairie Winds Park is one of our favourite playgrounds in Calgary. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Prairie Winds Park

  • 223 Castleridge Blvd NE, Calgary
  • Find so many unique pieces of equipment, including the dutch disc spinning wheel, slides built into the hill and the longest zipline around! This playground also has a splash park and outdoor pool!
We love that our TWOSE membership also offers FREE access to TELUS Spark!
The Brainasium at TELUS Spark has one of the biggest slides around! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

The Brainasium at TELUS Spark

  • 220 St. George’s Dr NE, Calgary
  • The Brainasium offers the biggest slide around, plus a host of other unique playground equipment. It’s open year-round, but is only accessible from inside TELUS Spark with your membership or day admission.
Calgary's Flyover park is one of the coolest playgrounds in Calgary.
The longest roller slide we’ve ever encountered is at Calgary’s Flyover Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Flyover Park

  • 651 McDougall Rd NE, Calgary
  • What was once a dingy underpass is now an amazing place to play! Flyover park features amazing slides, climbers, swings and more!
The bright red barn is the centrepiece at Calgary's Rangeview Barn Park!
We love theme parks like Calgary’s Rangeview Barn Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Rangeview Barn Park

  • Rangeview Drive SE, Calgary
  • An amazing place for imaginative play! Check out the giant barn and tractor too!
Calgary's Carrot Park, located outside Calgary's Farmer's Market West, features a giant climbing carrot!
I can’t tell you how much I love the giant climbing carrot at this awesome Calgary park! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Carrot Park, aka Greenwich Park

  • 25 Greenbriar Drive NW, Calgary
  • Located behind Calgary’s Farmers’ Market West, Greenwich Park offers a climbable carrot, apple core, rope dome and the cutest little wooden car!
Calgary's Space Jam Park is one of the most unique playgrounds we've found!
Small, but so cool – we had a blast at Calgary’s Space Jam Park! Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Space Jam Park

  • 40 Lucas Cres. NW, Calgary
  • The kids initially wrote this one off as “too small” but had a ton of fun and asked to stay longer thanks to the unique and spacey equipment!
Calgary's St. Patrick's Island Park is one of the most unique playgrounds we've ever visited.
You’ll feel like you’re well outside the city at St. Patrick’s Island Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

St. Patrick’s Island Park

  • 1300 Zoo Road NE, Calgary
  • A hidden island sanctuary complete with climbers, treehouses and some of the most unique playground challenges around!
Calgary's Osprey Nest Park is one of the coolest theme parks we found in that city!
Adventure higher at Calgary’s Osprey Nest Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Osprey Nest Park

  • 54 Wolf Creek Manor SE, Calgary
  • Climb into the giant osprey nest – you can peer through the telescope to see what these keen-eyed birds see!
Calgary's Cornerstone Meadows Heath Park features the amazing "Branch Out"!
The Branch Out, one of the most fun pieces of playground equipment we’ve ever found, is at Calgary’s Cornerstone Meadows Heath Park. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Cornerstone Meadows Heath Park

  • Cornerstone Way & Cornerstone Meadows Heath NE, Calgary
  • It may “just” be a neighbourhood pocket-park, but this one makes our list because we had the best time playing on the Branch Out climbing tree!
the Calgary Zoo's Bugtopia is the coolest playground at the Zoo.
Bugtopia at the Calgary Zoo is a really fun Calgary Playground. Photo by Edmonton Playgrounds.

Bugtopia at the Calgary Zoo

  • 210 St. George’s Dr NE, Calgary
  • Live like a bug when you enter the larger-than-life Bugtopia playground. This playground is included with admission to the Calgary Zoo.
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